COPD Affecting My Migraines

My episodic migraines started while I was serving in the military. Once I got out of the military, I expected that the migraines would go away because I would not be around the loud explosives or the intense noises from driving a Bradley. Unfortunately, my migraines did not go away after I became a civilian. My migraines have stayed episodic since they started while I was in the military. My wife has chronic migraines, which has taught me a lot about migraines and has brought me into the world of migraine advocacy.

Various migraine triggers

There are so many possible migraine triggers. Everybody definitely has their own triggers when it comes to migraines. Due to this, what is a trigger for one person, may not be a trigger for another person. To be completely honest, I am not one of those individuals who have everything hundred percent figured out when it comes it comes to what triggers my migraines. I do know that one of my triggers is being stressed out for a long time, for example if I am stressing about bills etc. Here lately, it seems like another one of my health issues is actually triggering migraines for me and very strong migraines at that.

COPD diagnosis

I have had a mild and occasional cough for quite a long while but it was never anything that was enough to make me feel the need to worry. I have been a smoker most of my life, so I always wrote it off as a 'smoker's cough.' Until I ended up with extreme bronchitis and I ended up seeing my wife's pulmonary doctor in an attempt to get it treated. Once I got through the bronchitis, my 'smoker's cough' seemed to refuse to go back to its regular strength. So I saw the pulmonary doctor some more to try to determine what was going on. After reviewing the results of a sleep study and then a pulmonary function test, she diagnosed me with COPD.

How COPD has impacted my migraines

My COPD is unfortunately nowhere close to being under control. The problem with the lack of COPD control is that it leaves me with a very extreme cough. This cough that I am still having to deal with is so forceful and often, that it is causing me to have migraines. Since my cough got worse when I had the bronchitis, I started having more migraines. If things do not change soon, I may be getting to crossing the line from somebody with episodic migraines to somebody facing closer to the fifteen or more migraines a month that make an individual a chronic migraine sufferer. This definitely has me looking at a new pulmonary doctor to see if more can be done about my COPD so that possibly this cough can stop causing me such painful migraines so often.

Do you have other health issues that cause you to have migraines or worsen your migraines?

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