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Migraine disease is an ugly and debilitating illness, and is known to steal joy, happiness, and opportunity. Often, when I think about the absurdities associated with living with and navigating migraine, I find myself getting angry and upset. As someone also living with anxiety and depression, the dark feelings come all too often, and digging up and away from them is a monumental task. There are so many aspects of living with this disease that seem unfair, and I tend to focus a lot on those aspects when they compound. Dealing with this difficult disease is just outright exhausting, which is why for me, it is so important to search for and find joy whenever I can.

Trying to find some joy with migraine

Luckily, jokes are great little seeds of happiness that can sometimes help lift me from a sad place. I love sharing jokes with my loved ones and having a good laugh in good company to distract from the pain and sadness every once in awhile. I also find that when I try to bring joy to others through laughter, it helps to uplift my own spirits, too. I wanted to take some time to take a different approach to characterize migraine and share a few jokes with the community, in the hopes that they will bring you a little joy, too.

Coping through laughter

Laughter can be a great coping mechanism for pain and sadness. (Ironic, I know.) I’ve heard before that ‘laughter is the best medicine’. While I don’t totally agree, I appreciate a good prompt to smile. For me, remembering to smile through the darkness is a difficult but worthwhile task. These jokes are in no way meant to make light of how debilitating and encompassing migraine can be, but instead, are meant to uplift and bring a smile. I am also not a professional jokester, so bear with me!Dr. RudeWhy does the secretary think that the neurologist has a short temper?Before the doctor leaves each day, she says, ‘‘I’m all out of patients, goodbye’.Wine o’clockWhat is the difference between a migraine attack and a hangover?One is so negatively stigmatized by society that it can get you fired if you show up to work with one, the other is a hangover.My power is invisibilityWhy did the primary care doctor visit the optometrist after talking to a migraine patient?Because he was having trouble seeing the migraine.Cultured, indeed.What is the abdominal migraine’s favorite Latin phrase?Ad nauseum.I know, I know...I am not the best at coming up with jokes (especially with a migraine attack underway), but it is so helpful to be in the practice of seeking out pockets of joy to get through each day living with this awful disease. Plus, sometimes the corny jokes and the ones that give me a good, wholesome belly laugh.It can be refreshing to find a smile through the pain, I hope that these jokes made you smile (even if just at how bad you may think they are!)  Do you have any migraine jokes that make you chuckle? Share in the comments!

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