Dealing with Chronic Migraine without My Pain Pal

Back in June I wrote an article about the loss of my pain pal, called Losing My Pain Pal and it was published in July. It explains what I went through with my rescue boxer Cassius, what it was like having him, and what it was like losing him. Granted reading that article is still hard for me, but I have also noticed living with chronic daily migraines without Cassius is also hard on me. I knew that things would not be the same without him but it is harder than I expected it to be in all reality.

A new boxer

My husband was worried about his dog being alone because we had Cassius since his dog was just a year old and the two were a really bonded pair. So much so that when Sumo would dig a hole to get out of the fence, he would not wonder off if Cassius would not go out of the hole too! Subsequently, we went to the local shelters looking at available dogs and then took his dog to meet some of the available dogs. Surprisingly enough, Sumo did not pull too much of the Alpha dog stuff, which we were worried about, because even though he was the puppy in our home he was definitely the Alpha dog. We ended up with what the shelter had labeled as a 3-year-old Boxer.

Boy do I think they have the age way off on him. He still acts very much like a puppy. Unfortunately, he does not seem to have any natural sense about when I am in pain and he does not cuddle with me when I am in pain. What came so naturally to my last boxer is definitely no where present in this boxer. He is more of a terror than a pain pal. Despite all of the toys we have for the dogs, the second we are not home for a few minutes he destroys anything he can reach that is people stuff.

The surprising impact

The impact of losing Cassius still echoes in my life. I knew he was my pain pal and that having him helped me when I was completely miserable. Unfortunately, now I am seeing just how much comfort he provided me while I was in pain and now I am dealing with this pain without the comfort of having Cassius cuddled up with me. Considering that my husband works and then has things he wants to do after work to decompress on his own after work, he is not always an aid in the comfort department either. I did not realize how lonely these horrible pain days would be without my pain pal Cassius but now I am seeing just how miserably lonely it can be to get through the day and night. I can see that this feeling of loneliness is going to take an adjustment period for me, especially if one of the two dogs does not decide to pick up the torch and become a pain pal for me.

How do you cope alone with the pain?

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