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Depression and Migraine: Resources

There is a dark place that can coincide with a life with migraine disease: that place of deep isolation and outright despair.

For me, dealing with depression and migraine is not so simple as taking medication and trudging through, and the toll seems monumental at times. Many in the community know all too well that migraine can have a stark and negative impact on mental health.

Finding myself in a dark place

Recently, I’ve found myself in a place of deep depression, and navigating the feeling of not wanting to wake up, of fearing getting out of bed because I fear waking up to the darkness once again, of not feeling okay enough to eat, or get out of bed, has broken my heart many times over.

I find myself weeping because I know that this is a pain that many here in the community face. For those who feel similarly--- I know what it is like to not have the energy to smile and to not have the hope to try.

I want to say: you are not alone. You are valuable. You are appreciated here in our community.

Acknowledging the pain

One of the hardest parts of navigating daily pain is balancing the wild roller-coaster of emotional states that comes along with it. At times I feel powerful and encouraged to take challenges and pain head-on, and other times I feel tired but content. Lately, I feel a deep and overwhelming darkness. All around. I mean just utter, inescapable and deep darkness.

I try often to choose to find ways to navigate this experience in power, but there is truth to my current experience just as much as there is truth in the times when I am able to see my dreams and hopes actualized. Living with migraine and depression is painful.

One difficult lesson I have learned for myself over the years is suppressing the pain has made me feel worse in the end. Keeping things bottled in, especially when dealing with depression, have led to more difficult conversations with myself over time. I also learned that I could not do it alone. Depression among people living with migraine disease is common, and learning that made me feel like there were people I could reach out to for support.

Resources that help me through depression

Having experienced what it is like to be living with migraine and depression and feeling completely and utterly alone, I know just how valuable it is to know what resources and help are available. I wanted to share here in the community.

YOU are NOT alone. We so value each and every member of our community and are here to share with one another so that each of us is able to navigate this journey a little easier. Here are a few things that have helped me on my way:

Understanding that I am not alone

Here are a few articles from folks in the community who can relate and empathize with a life with migraine and depression:

Preparing in the good times for the worst times

This is true for so many aspects of both my physical and mental health. I’ve found that when I am doing okay, investing in myself and my environment for the rough and darkest moments goes a long way.

Seeking professional help

I am a huge advocate of reaching out for help when needed, and there are professionals who are trained and equipped to serve folks with chronic pain and depression. I know it can be so, so hard to find good care, but it can really make a huge difference.

Living with migraine and depression can be extremely difficult. Remember, you are not alone and we care for you here at Migraine.com.

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