Diary of a Migraine~ From the Head It Inhabited: Part 1

For most migraineurs we can honestly say, "We have experienced several “BIG ONES!” You have taken all preventatives and all abortive medications. You have iced your head and hidden away in your bat cave. Still the pain persists and possibly increases! For me when the pain level gets to a 9 because the little demons are throwing hot pokers into my eyes and temple and skull. When the world is a whirling cyclone of colors that seem so bright that even sunglasses do not take away the glaring light. I can hear my own pulse on the pillow, and that is too loud for me to handle. My words become lost in the fog somewhere. This usually signals to my husband that a trip to the ER or doctor or both is eminent.

When the mother of all migraines come to call

March 28,2018: Philadelphia, PA  
Really?! NOW?! We have looked forward to the Health Union Conference all year and on the 2nd day of the conference, I get hit with a level 9 on the pain-o-meter of migraines! Stayed in the “BatCave” (darkened hotel room) all morning. Michael came to get me to say goodbye to everyone after lunch! LOVED that Health Union had earplugs at front table!! Bless them!!!

April 4th: Home 
Was home for a week since the conference. A week of pain, of trying everything we can think of to stop this cycle! The pain is getting worse as the little demons in my head continue to stomp around with hot pokers jabbing at my head and eyes! I have seen Primary Care Doc, nothing! The endless cycle of dry heaves and swirling world and vice like pain HAS GOT to stop!! I believe it is time for the dreaded Emergency Department.

Dear emergency department

Thank you for being SO concerned that I might become addicted to something, that you refused to listen to what has worked before and is the usual cocktail to abate this horrid migraine! Thank you for the noisy, confusing atmosphere that I was kept in, that only perpetuated the pain and symptoms. Thanks for the 14 hour stay without food or my other medications, that only added fuel to the fire that was burning in my brain. It only validates the reason so many of us with migraines are terrified to come to the ED for a migraine! Thanks for nothing!

And the pounding continues..

Our time at home did not last long. The pain continued to spiral out of control, along with all of the wonderful issues of a major intractable Migraine Storm! Something had to give or I was going to seriously go insane. Finally, my migraine doctor stepped in and my husband and I thought life could resume. Little did we know we still had a rough ride ahead!

Part 2 of Diary of a Migraine will chronical the hospital stay.

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