How Naproxen Sodium Turned Me into a Super Spy

Despite what my inner-child would like to argue, there are few things that myself and this famous English super-spy have in common. Since I’m not sure if I can use this very famous copyrighted spy character’s very famous name...we'll go with "Bames Jond."

A set of reliable tools

So Bames Jond has several tools in his arsenal to covertly take out his targets in the quickest and uselessly coolest of ways, whether it’s a watch that shoots darts, or a pen that can listen in, a spy is only as good as his/her secret set of super sneaky tools.

While I may not have the says sort of car that Jond has, I do have something up my sleeve, and sometimes literally. I have naproxen sodium.

My migraine diagnosis was a double-edged sword

Getting diagnosed with migraine was a double-edged sword. On one hand, I get told I have this painful neurological disease, yet on the other hand, I get tools to help combat it.

See, ever since I was a kid I had ‘headaches' and ‘stomachaches' and they were treated with over-the-counter solutions, with no avail. But everything changed when I got handed naproxen.

My experience with migraine and naproxen

This extra-strength prescription pain medication was a tool that I didn’t know had been missing from my proverbial toolbelt. It’s a drug that has helped me out of so many scrapes.

Driving with migraine

There have been times where I was driving late at night, hours away from my house for a job wherein I desperately needed relief. My eyes were going fuzzy from the pain and my focus would continue to get dragged off the road. I shook my head trying to get the pain away. Naproxen was there, like a secret strength pill get kept me on the road and maybe even saved my life.

Acting with migraine aura

Or, during a fight-call for my production of Hamlet where I stop being able to see. There's one thing about combat that’s super important. I know my man Bames Jond can attest to this, is seeing with your eyes. After an incredibly loud and emotional scene, I composed myself and realized an aura has made its way into my field of vision and I could no longer see ahead of me. Naturally I did what anybody would do.

Naproxen helped my migraine aura

I called HQ and requested a dead drop. For those of you who don’t know spy jargon: a dead drop is a secret location that agents can pass information to one another without meeting directly. So, naturally…my sister hid my migraine meds behind a big pole. During a rehearsal break, I stepped out into a lone hallway, snuck over to a big column, and found the stash where my sister had hid my meds and some granola bars. So nobody had to know I was getting a migraine attack.

I didn't want anyone to know I had a migraine attack

Was it dramatic? I mean yes. But, I didn’t want to worry anybody or interrupt the rehearsal! I wanted to keep things secret. Just like my best friend Bames Jond and sneak my life-saving migraine meds in whilst no one was the wiser. That was a while ago. Now a-days I do my own hiding… So, I’m never without naproxen sodium for my ‘missions.’

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