Fear Of Haircuts With Migraine

It might seem silly to a lot of people, but I hate getting my hair cut. The neck pain, the uncomfortable shampoo washing, and my sensitive scalp. I want to be able to enjoy a shampoo and conditioning massage like everyone else, but it never seems to happen.

Scalp sensitivity during a salon shampoo

I have arthritis and after sitting in that shampoo chair for 30 seconds I need to shift. I quickly go from being slightly uncomfortable, to very uncomfortable but never want to sound rude when I’m getting serviced. To be honest, I hope the person doesn’t talk just so I can try to enjoy a little massage before a sting of pain kicks in. I move a little, which is noticeable. Sometimes, I'm asked if my neck is okay and it usually isn't, but I feel as if I'm not validating their attempt to try and service me despite my pain.

I have moderate chronic pain on a daily basis, so the thought of going for a haircut after several bad experiences through the years gives me massive anxiety. Almost every single time I’ve left a salon, I’ve also left with a migraine.

I envy men who have short hair that can enjoy a massage without having to worry about being tangled. I know men struggle with the same shampoo washes and conditions like I do too, though. It’s bothersome on our neck, which can quickly throw our whole body out of whack quickly. Even with towel and body adjustments, it just has not worked out the way I've ever wanted it to.

Some hairstylists are more understanding of pain than others

Even the times that I have requested and stated that I have a nerve condition that also makes getting my hair washed and combed absolutely no fun at all. My hair is thick and coarse due to the medications I’ve been on for years. Usually, it’s met with kindness, but then again, I’ve also noticed how hairstylists have skimped the massage all together then. It’s what I come for! I've also had some very good stylists who understand the pain I'm in, as I'm very honest with them. But I just haven't found that happy medium yet where I've ever been able to leave the salon feeling good.

How do I find a balance and tell my salon about my migraines, chronic pain and overall sensitivity to the salons smells? (Most people would tell me to find a new salon, or to cut my own hair at home, sarcastically). I’m not sure that people without migraine know how awful and painful something as simple as a haircut can be.

How do you inform your hair care specialist what your needs are? How are your concerns met? Have you ever fired a hairdresser?

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