Getting to Know Kerrie

You know what’s contributors and moderators think about migraine, but there’s more to us than migraine. We’re doing a Getting to Know… series to introduce you to the people behind the names. We’re sharing information in a variety of formats, but the goal is always the same—to help you get to know us a little better.

I've chosen to share 36 facts about me in honor of the 36 Million Migraine campaign (though with current demographics, we're up to 38 million Americans with migraine).

  1. Where have you lived? I’m from Phoenix, moved to Seattle for six years, Boston for one, and have been back in Phoenix since 2010 because the stable weather mitigates one of my migraine triggers.
  2. Are you a beach person, a mountain person, or a city person? Mountain first, followed by city. I’m sure that’s why I love Seattle so much.
  3. Do you have any siblings? I have one older sister.
  4. Are you a reader? Yes! I read a ton.
  5. Fiction or nonfiction? Genre? I like that vague category known as literary fiction, but also read a lot of young adult fiction. I've never thought of myself as a science fiction reader, but have been enjoying young adult sci-fi recently.
  6. Favorite writers? It’s hard to narrow them down, but Ann Patchett, Meghan Daum, and Anne Lamott top the list. I like writers who can turn phrases beautifully and pose ideas that can punch me in the gut.
  7. Favorite TV shows? I’m a binge-watcher. I don’t like violence, but love Peaky Blinders for the depth of the characters and their stories. Other recent favorites are The Americans, Agents of SHIELD, Jessica Jones, and House of Cards. Historical favorites include Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gilmore Girls. (I know almost all of those have violence in them, but the storytelling is so good that I close my eyes and cover my ears when necessary).
  8. Are you a music person? Absolutely, losing myself in music is a wonderful feeling. I love Dave Matthews Band, live funk and afrobeat, and dancing at Phish shows.
  9. First concert: Motley Crue.
  10. What’s something unusual about you? When I set an alarm, I make the minutes divisible by the hour. I started this as a kid and have never stopped.
  11. Do you have kidsNope, but I’m an aunt to some awesome kids and young adults.
  12. Is anyone named after you? One niece is named after me and she and I also have very similar personalities too.
  13. Favorite exercise? I love, love, love yoga.
  14. Do you like to cook? I do, though day-to-day feeding myself can be a chore. I’m a baker at heart.
  15. Do you like to travel? Very much. Migraine has limited my travel substantially in recent years, but I will get to Australia one day.
  16. Do you like surprises? Yes, though I don’t like waiting when I know they’re coming.
  17. How do you cheer yourself up? Listening to music (as loud as I can stand it) and dancing.
  18. Introvert or extrovert? Personality tests usually have me right in the middle. That’s about right, but I lean introvert in that I need time to myself to recharge.
  19. What’s your role at parties? I head for the person who looks shy or uncomfortable and try to make them feel welcome.
  20. Optimist or pessimist? Optimist, no doubt.
  21. Who knows you the best? My husband of 18 years.
  22. What is your dream job? Writer.
  23. What goal have you wanted to achieve since you were a child? Traveling to Australia.
  24. What goals are you working toward? Reducing my migraine frequency and severity and expanding my freelance writing.
  25. What do you enjoy so much that time disappears? Writing and yoga. I feel fortunate to have to things that put me in flow.
  26. How would your friends describe you? Authentic, open and empathetic.
  27. Do you have any pets? Not currently. I’m too sick to take care of them and my husband is too busy. Besides, we’ve discovered he’s allergic to both cats and dogs.
  28. How many pillows do you sleep with? Three, one for my head, one for my knees, and one for hugging.
  29. What’s the last thing you bought? High-quality toenail clippers—and they were so worth the extra $5!
  30. What’s your biggest fear? That migraine will continue to dominate my life the way it has for the last 15 years.
  31. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? Kept going when my migraine attacks were at their very worst.
  32. Do you fake it during migraine attacks? No. I used to, but found that pretending to be someone I wasn’t was too demoralizing.
  33. How do you know a migraine is coming onMy feet get cold, my left ear starts to ache, and/or my teeth become very sensitive.
  34. How do you cope with a migraine attack? I usually distract myself by reading. I couldn’t read for more than four years because it was a migraine trigger, so I’m extra grateful it helps me through attacks now.
  35. Where do you nest during a migraine attack? On the living room sofa most of the time, though sometimes I’ll take a very long soak in the bath.
  36. What’s your favorite migraine home remedy? Tying a tube sock around my head.

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