Getting to Know Series: Sarah Hackley

You know what's contributors and moderators think about migraine, but there’s more to us than migraine. We’re doing a Getting to Know… series to introduce you to the people behind the names. We’re sharing information in a variety of formats, but the goal is always the same—to help you get to know us a little better. Here are 36 fun facts about me in honor of the 36 million people in the United States who have Migraine.

  1. Middle Name: Kate
  2. Introvert or Extrovert: I’m sort of both. I’m an ENFP on the Myers Briggs scale and a 7 on the Enneagram, which both sort of mean I’m an extrovert who needs a LOT of time to slow down and reflect to stay healthy.
  3. States I’ve Called Home: Texas, Colorado, Oregon, and New York
  4. Favorite Movie:Good Will Hunting
  5. Favorite Sport: Figure skating (I used to compete!)
  6. Favorite Book: This is a tie between The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb. Oddly, both are about brothers.
  7. Favorite Quote: “Scatter Joy” – Emerson (This is actually a reduction of his original quote, but it has become my life motto.)
  8. Favorite TV Show: Another tie, this time between Gilmore Girls and Fringe
  9. Top Bucket-List Activity: Taking a cross-country train ride
  10. Favorite Game: Cards Against Humanity
  11. Favorite Activities: Reading, writing, and spending time with my husband
  12. Favorite Thing to Do On a Night Out: Go dancing. I LOVE dancing. I also really enjoy playing pool and singing karaoke.
  13. One Thing I Do Every Day: Thank the universe for something/someone special in my life. (Note: It’s usually my husband!)
  14. A Place I Want to Visit: Paris, France
  15. My Ideal Dinner-Party Guests: Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Anais Nin, Erica Jong, and Erich Fromm
  16. First Job: I started babysitting at 10, but my first paycheck came at 14 from working as a bagger at a grocery store.
  17. First Concert: I honestly can’t remember the name of the group that my dad took me to see when I was about 13. I do remember it was a Christian rock band. My first concert that I attended by myself/with friends was Tom Petty. I was 17.
  18. Childhood Career Aspirations: I always knew I was and would be a writer. However, if that didn’t work out, Supreme Court Chief Justice and Forensic Medical Examiner were at the top of my list.
  19. Top Fear: Losing the people I love.
  20. Three Words I Use to Describe Myself: Resilient, Animated, and Curious
  21. Trait I Value Most (in Myself and Others): Kindness
  22. Favorite Musicians: Dessa, Sublime, Sheryl Crow, Chris Young, Randy Travis, and Garbage
  23. Instruments I Can Play: I also used to play violin, and I can keep up with a few songs on the drums.
  24. Favorite Writers: Erica Jong, Anais Nin, Dostoyevsky, Patricia Cornwell, Karin Slaughter, Gillian Flynn, Ruth Ware, Carol Goodman, and Chelsea Cain
  25. Favorite Comfort Food: Chips and queso (I’m from Texas, y’all!)
  26. Migraine-Specific Craving: I almost always crave salt right before a migraine, which is funny, because I don’t like salt much – unless it’s on chips.
  27. First Migraine Attack: I was 15, but I didn’t know it was a migraine. It took until I was in my twenties to get an accurate diagnosis.
  28. Current Official Migraine Diagnosis: Chronic migraine with aura
  29. Past Official Migraine Diagnosis: Intractable migraine with aura
  30. Most Outrageous Suggestion for a Migraine Treatment Given by a Well-Meaning Friend: Clear my chakras
  31. Ability to Fake Good When Having a Migraine on a 1-10 Scale: I’m quite good at this, because I’ve had to be – especially during my intractable periods – so probably an 8, unless it’s a horribly severe migraine or I’m around close friends/family. My children can always tell, though, especially my daughter.
  32. Most Embarrassing Migraine Symptom: I mix up words a lot when an attack is about to hit and while I’m in the midst of one. Sometimes I can barely speak at all. This is incredibly frustrating and embarrassing for me when I’m in public or with anyone other than my husband.
  33. Other Jobs/Positions Held in Addition to Writer: I’m an author and poet, so I write my books in addition to posts. I’m also an editor; I freelance and work as the Editor in Chief for Absolute Love Publishing. I’m also currently the Controller for a medical services company (which has nothing to do with migraine). However, I can’t work well outside of the home, so I do all of this from the comfort of my house. I couldn’t do it otherwise. In fact, my last intractable period is what prompted my return to full-time writing (which I only recently pushed to part-time in order to take the Controller position).
  34. Issues of Interest (Outside of Migraine): Mental health, domestic abuse, and women’s rights
  35. Current Goals: I have a novel I’m trying to finish. My publisher has been waiting to read it for about two years, but it’s slow going, especially with the other jobs.
  36. Best Piece of Advice for Someone Just Learning to Live with Migraine: Trust yourself and your experiences. You know your body better than anyone. Unfortunately, this can be a hard truth to hold onto when dealing with others. Take advice, seek treatment, find support, but ultimately use your own judgment in deciding what works best for you.


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