Has Living with Migraine Changed Your Life?

Recently a migraine story posted to our community followed one community member’s struggle with migraine taking over her life. From difficulties at work, to problems on family trips, and even an entire household move to a less-triggering environment, migraine changed it all. So many of you in our community reacted to this story, and shared how migraine has changed your life completely. Here are some of your heartfelt and incredible stories!

Missing Out on Family or Fun Activities
“Migraines are ruining my life. I nearly missed my brothers wedding recently due to one. I miss out on family days out, school events, socializing. If people haven’t suffered from migraine, they can’t understand

“No treatment has worked so far, and I’ve had to give up my formerly active lifestyle. I’ve missed so many activities, parties, outings, and no longer drive except close to home. This story made me realize I’m not the only one”

“I can totally relate. It’s a nightmare. It’s not life threatening, and I know it could be worse, but it’s still absolutely horrible dealing with it. I’ve just given up doing a lot of things. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this”

“I often feel like my migraines took control of my head and body and made me miss so many special moments”

Trying to Adjust to Your “New Life” or “New You
“I have started counseling and group therapy to try and accept my ‘new life’ and find the new me. Also, I have extreme anxiety with a lot of activities I used to do, driving, visiting friends, group functions, because of the fear of my migraine spiking. If I do attend group functions, I usually end up in a corner in a chair”

“I feel like I’m just existing. I will not stop fighting, although there are days I need to take off and stay in my bed in my dark room with my meds and ice pack”

This is so frustrating for me, I have always been a positive upbeat person, but it is hard to not get mad at my body for not functioning the way it used to. I feel like I am so much less than I used to be”

“I feel the same. I feel so disconnected from my body these days, I don’t trust it and I’m so envious of people that don’t have to struggle with this terrible affliction”

Problems at Work
“Six years ago my migraines got so bad I became dehydrated, lost 40lbs, and was throwing up so bad I had to be hospitalized for 5 days with surgery to repair the damage. I have lost several jobs due to this condition. You can’t work when you can’t see and you’re throwing up uncontrollably”

“I have lost three wonderful jobs due to my migraines”

“I can relate. I am on intermittent FMLA because of migraines. I have pre-migraines, migraine, and post-migraine. I’m worn out!”

Many of your stories illustrated just how frustrated you have become with migraine and it’s hold on your life. However, no matter how angry or desolate you reported feeling, there is one important fact we cannot forget: You are not alone. So many members of our community shared similar feelings and stories, and it’s important to remember that although it may feel like you are fighting an uphill battle at times, there are always others around in our community who are here to help lessen your load as much as possible.

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