Hope, Faith, and Migraine

When I sit and think of all the things I’ve tried to ease the pain and disruption from migraine disease, it can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve tried and failed so many drug therapies, acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapy, to mention a few, but I always push onward with faith and hope.

It’s strange that these two intangible things are always at the core of my journey. I suppose it’s because I lived most of my life relying on them. I guess you could call me an optimist, or as I've been called mister bright side. We all have coping skills that we use as migraineurs. If we didn’t, I firmly believe migraine would quickly have gotten the better of us. I use faith and hope constantly and they are what drives me each day.

What faith means to me

For me, faith is trusting in God for things I cannot see. In order to move in faith, you have to embrace the intangible, and there are times the intangible seems to be all I want to have. I have spent copious amounts of time in prayer during attacks for relief from the pain and symptoms of migraine. Hoping that the attack would yield and leave me alone so I can let my body slowly recharge.

Faith allows me to transcend what I’m being handed in reality and replace that awful feeling with hope for better things to come. I spend a good amount of quiet time praying. I mostly pray for others, but I do also pray for myself. I pray for strength and healing for those around me. I try to be a source of hope for those of us who suffer from migraine disease and its symptoms.

When the struggle is real

Ironically I suffer from depression along with migraine. You would think that hope and faith would be counterintuitive of depression, but for me, it is somehow separated. As bad as an attack is, or as grim as a situation seems to be, I always move forward with hope and faith. Sure, there are times I get the wind knocked out of me, but even when I'm down I am still mustering the faith and hope to get back on my feet to fight. Some days are easier than others with migraine, but no matter how my days go I can rest assured that I will have hope and faith to draw on when needed.

Finding peace and support

I attend church as regularly as I can. My head doesn’t always cooperate with me though. I am grateful that I can watch (or listen to) church services when I’m down due to an attack. There is something soothing to the worship music, and it makes me feel at peace and quiet inside. I do enjoy being physically able to attend a church service. There are many times I’ve been prayed for, as have other migraine warriors in the congregation. We are all hopeful for a cure and we all live our lives having faith that one day we will be healed.

Ultimately, all that really matters is that we have tools in our arsenal to help us fight off the ugliness of migraine. After all, why would you not want to live a life built on hope and faith?!

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