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A Hot Mess Household: Two Migraine Patients

I have had chronic daily migraines for almost ten years now. My husband started having episodic migraines after he served in the Army in Iraq. It definitely seems as more time passes, his migraines have become more intense and frequent. Our household involves both of us and two massive dogs.

Managing my migraine symptoms

I have tried the traditional everything you can think of preventative treatments and even a long list of abortive medications. Unfortunately for me, most of everything I have tried has failed to be beneficial for me. I tried years of Botox injections with a doctor I really did not like that much because she was the only one in the area who did Botox. We even went as far as to try the Transforma Trial neurostimulator surgery in Houston, which was a huge nightmare. There are very few abortives that even knock the edge off a migraine for me. Where we live, the emergency rooms are very unhelpful when it comes to treating major migraine attacks. So if my medications do not help me, I simply have learned to curl up and deal with the endless pain until it decides to ease up.

Handling my husband’s migraines

On the other hand, when my husband finally started getting treatment for his migraine attacks from the Veterans Affairs the first abortive worked for a good while. But here lately, it is definitely not working well anymore. Which is not uncommon to have happen, he just needs the opportunity to try another abortive medication. The complicated part is getting the VA to prescribe him a different type of abortive medication to try out on his migraines.

When it’s a hot mess

One thinks it is bad enough when one person in the household has a migraine. Now imagine two people in the same household with a migraine… With two dogs who truly think they are toddlers and not dogs trying to be in the middle of everything. On days you are not miserable it really can be slightly funny; we are both miserable with our own migraine side effects, we are both looking for our medications and trying to get situated into a semi-comfortable position. Oh and those toddler dogs, they are two hundred pounds of dogs that are insistent on being right up in the middle of the bed with us. Talk about occasionally making you want to go to the couch.

Using laughter to treat the pain

It can be quite comical at times with both of us in pain but still trying to comfort each other; rolling back and forth in bed trying to find that sweet spot that is the least uncomfortable, and the dogs impatiently pacing back and forth over the top of both of us. They are waiting for us to sit still so they can find their comfy spot, which most often means laying on top of one of us in such a way that either we can’t move or with their feet shoved firmly against your bladder. Even when you are miserable in pain, sometimes it is beneficial to find a little comedy in a bad situation.

Has some comedy ever helped ease your pain?

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