An inventory of all my migraine/pain items

Just how much migraine and pain-related stuff do I have in here?

This question popped up again and again this past summer as Jim and I packed up our house in preparation for a two-mile move across town.  I moved into my first house in Athens in 2004, and I’d accumulated a LOT in my decade in the “Purple Pagoda” (yes, my house was purple).  Incidentally, 2004 was the year I started going to a headache specialist (the one I eventually said buh-bye to), and that was the time I started taking my migraine diagnosis much more seriously. I began looking for successful treatments, got more serious about self-care, and started donning a hat and/or sunglasses during grad school classes, usually not thinking twice about my classmates’ strange glances.   The next year is when I started my then-anonymous “The Migraine Girl” blog.

In short: the mid-2000s were a tremendous time of change, empowerment, sickness, and increased self-awareness for me in regard to my health.

As you can imagine, I have tried a LOT of remedies to both prevent and abort migraine attacks, and I have a lot of stuff on hand to help soothe myself during episodes that simply aren’t abating.

I thought it’d be interesting to list everything that’s in my house at the moment.*

  • Ice packs: 4 large, 2 small, 2 tiny
  • Topical magnesium spray (I use Zyclear): 3 bottles (1 mostly empty, 1 half-full but with broken dispenser, 1 still in package)
  • Magnesium glycinate tablets
  • Tiger balm (1 small jar)
  • Muscle pain relief liquid (label is in Chinese, so I can’t translate it for you!)
  • Muscle pain relief liquid (all natural, from a health store in Joshua Tree, CA)
  • Almond oil (a “carrier” oil: I mix 1 tsp of this with 1-2 drops of essential oil)
  • Lavender + mint essential oil (see above)
  • Inflatable bath pillow
  • Soothing bubble bath
  • Epsom salts (again, for a bath)
  • Heating pad (plug-in version)
  • Heated neck wrap (no plug required)
  • Imitrex (5 pills left of my 9-pill prescription; 4 refills remaining)
  • Naratriptan (brand name Amerge; only 3 pills remaining and no refills)
  • Cyclobenzaprine muscle relaxer (in terms of migraine, I take this right before and during my period in verrrry small doses)
  • A pill cutter (to quarter my cyclobenzaprine as mentioned above)
  • Naproxen sodium (1 bottle, almost out)
  • Ibuprofen (1 bottle, running low)
  • Ben-Gay
  • Generic muscle rub
  • Pain relief rub (I currently use “Natural Earth Potions Pain & Migraine” type)
  • Ear plugs (the foam kind, which I buy in bulk and take with me to live music shows & the movies)
  • Ear plugs (the silicon kind, which I rarely use now but come most in handy to block out neighbors or nearby snorers at night)

Wow.  I have not included any general medications or equipment I use when I’m having a psoriatic arthritis flare.  I knew I had a bunch of stuff, but this list seems long.  Writing it up also gave me a chance to check expiration dates and make sure I didn’t have any unsafe/out-of-date medications in the house.

What’s in your arsenal?  Do you have any must-haves not listed above that you’d recommend for me?


*Please note that this list does not include expired medications, leaky ice packs, ineffective stuff I decided to toss, and various other things that even I, Health Equipment Hoarder, couldn’t justify keeping. 

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