Lucy Postins on Keeping Your Pet Healthy

My pets mean everything to me - they are a huge source of comfort. It's hard to care for your pet when you are in the midst of a migraine. I’m pretty much incapable of doing anything besides lying in bed. My pets, however, don’t understand and still need to be fed and taken outside. When I'm not having a migraine, I walk my dog everyday and spend quality play time with him and the cats before bedtime. But I just can’t care for them like that when I'm in pain. So, I wanted to learn some alternative ways to stay on top of my pet's health and happiness for when I was stuck in bed.

Preventative Pet Health Care Goes a Long Way

Lucy Postins on Keeping Your Pet Healthy

One of my personal favorite pet food brands, The Honest Kitchen, has a site that is full of great health information. So, I reached out to the founder, Lucy Postins (pictured above), to see if she’d be able to offer some guidance on caring for your pet when you have a chronic illness.

Do you have any tips for easy ways to stay on top of your pet's health?

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to managing a pet’s health. Providing good quality food and clean water is paramount, as is adequate exercise. Sometimes, it’s possible to team up with a family member or neighbor to ‘timeshare’ pet ownership; for example, a neighborhood family who doesn’t have time for a full commitment to owning their own pet, might love the opportunity to invite your dog for a sleepover when you aren’t feeling well, or to take him for walks for you when energy is low. Some cities also have organizations such as PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) which we have here in San Diego, to help provide food, care and vet transportation needs through neighborhood outreach, on behalf of guardians. We make our food up ahead of time and refrigerate in individual portions for easier serving on days when their guardians aren’t feeling well.

Keeping Your Pet Busy

When I'm not feeling well it seems like my dog senses it - and for some reason that's the time he pesters me the most to play. I feel guilty when I can't take him out for a walk or play fetch because I'm in pain. I also feel badly when I can't give my cats the attention they need.

For pet owners who can't go for long dog walks, are there any games/fun training that will provide mental stimulation?

Sure! Something as simple hiding small treats around the house for your pet to find provides fun and mental stimulation to keep them busy. Interactive puzzles and toys will also give them something to focus on. KONG makes some of our favorite interactive toys. Fill them with treats or food and watch your dog or cat work to get the reward!

Do you have any easy DIY recipes to make my cat/dog a treat that are healthy and yummy?

Yes! There are several DIY pet food and treat recipes in the book Dog Obsessed. In addition, our blog has a wealth of information and includes an entire section on DIY projects and free recipes.

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