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Migraine Made Me A Liar

I’ve always considered myself an honest person. I’m sure many of you think the same about yourselves. Migraine has a way of changing us though doesn’t it? I have been battling migraine for years. It’s hard to manage at times and this is where the lying started for me.

It started with one simple lie

It starts off simply enough with a mild attack when you are at work. Intuitive coworkers may sense you are not quite right. You’re not as vocal or you have a distracted look on your face. The questions will inevitably come your way. Everything going ok or something along those lines. My response was I’m ok it’s just a headache.

That is how it starts. A programmed response to the question, but it was a lie. One simple lie opens the door and makes lying to cover your condition, your pain a pattern. I went for years brushing off office queries with lies to cover for my migraine disease and its effects. I would go to work half sick more days then I’d care to admit. I was fortunate to be in a position that afforded me ample time to vary my workload. Many of you who suffer with migraine, however, don’t have that opportunity.

Migraine is an enabler

Migraine not only enabled me to lie about my condition, but it also set me on a non-productive path. I wasn’t being honest about my disease. I was in some form of denial. I had always been able to give 110% in my career. I was reasonably healthy overall so how could I have this disease? It was a dose of honesty that helped me change my path.

Being honest about migraine disease

I first had to take stock of my migraine condition and its effects on my life. I had to be honest with myself. I had to be honest with my doctors. I had to be honest with my coworkers and family. I’m not going to say that it was easy, but I will say it is the best long term decision I’ve ever made! I moved forward honestly from that point. It has helped me in ways I never expected. It also felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Being honest with ourselves and our condition is so important to our overall health. Honesty paired with knowledge and education makes things a bit brighter and more tolerable.

The power of educating myself and others on migraine

This disease tries to take control over so much of our lives these days. Don’t let it make a liar out of you. Make a conscious effort to be honest about how you feel. Take time to educate the people in your life about your migraine disease. I’ve found that the majority of people are empathetic. You may even help others to take steps in their lives to be honest about their condition if the are also keeping it hidden with lies.

There are some truly great resources out there for migraine sufferers. They have apps to track migraine attacks, databases to get you in touch with specialists in your area for treatment, websites, blogs, and hosts of other resources. The most important step you can take is to be open and honest with yourself about your condition. The journey does get easier my friends I promise.

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