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How to Manage Let-Down Migraine

We know that stress is harmful to the body. It can have all kinds of negative impacts on the body from increased blood pressure and headaches to weight gain and stomach ulcers.

Low stress and let-down migraine

Yet, stress is a part of life. It's not something that we can escape, the key is to manage it. Adding in a summer vacation might even sound like a great remedy. But what happens when your headaches are actually triggered by the rest and relaxation?

That's the tailspin I found myself in with let-down migraines.

Getting migraine attacks when I relax

The body gets through the period of stress but as soon as it starts to shift into relaxation a migraine is triggered. I got migraines like clockwork when I was a kid - every Saturday morning, every vacation, every significant moment of relaxation. It felt like a joke.

  • If I remained in the moment of high stress - no migraine.
  • If I allowed my body to relax - instant migraine.

Extreme stress is not sustainable

It seemed as if I should just keep an intense schedule, right? But of course, the reality is, that's not sustainable for the human body. Eventually, the body will override our attempt to burnout and will shut down.

So, if we can't avoid stress in our lives and relaxation triggers migraine, what's a migraine girl to do?

Staying steady and calm

This is what I've found helpful and perhaps you will too.

Staying as steady and calm as possible even during stress is by far the greatest strategy to manage let-down migraine. Of course, this is often easier said than done, but being committed to practicing it is important. Over time your body will get the message - it can be calm even in a stressful environment.

Daily habits

These are some healthy daily habits you can start implementing that can support your efforts.

Changing breathing habits

What I like most about this technique is that it doesn't what you do, it changes how you do things. So, we're not adding something to our already full to-do list. We're simply changing our approach to our existing to-do list.

Deep breathing

In other words, take a deep breath in the midst of your scurrying around. (Yes, that was written just as much, if not more, for me as it was for you!) Our body naturally wants to take deep belly breaths that support us in creating a state of relaxation in the body. However, over time, due to trauma, stress, toxin exposure, and many other factors, we become shallow chest breathers.

How much do we breathe in a day?

Why is this such a big deal?

The average person takes anywhere from 17,000-23,000 breaths per day. That's become a pretty significant part of our day. After all, our breath is what sustains life in us.

Guided meditation

The best way to make this an easy part of your day is by listening to a guided meditation, maybe as you lay in bed at night. If you have someone guiding you through the process as you practice it, over time it will become your natural state of breathing.

These are just a few of many ways to manage let-down migraine. Please tell us what you've found most helpful to manage let-down migraine in your life?

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