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4 Ways Marie Kondo's Show "Tidying Up" Helped Me Organize My Migraines

When I have a migraine, the last thing my roasting brain is capable of doing is telling my husband where he left his car keys. Inevitably, I wake up to whispered pleas from both my husband and son that start with, “Have you seen my….” I’d love to be able to help my family find their “missing” articles of clothing or locate our leftovers concealed behind the milk, but I’m too busy in bed doing my impersonation of a slug.

Migraine mom guilt

The guilt I feel at not being able to help my family with life’s little things can begin to mount; but thanks to one well-organized Netflix show, I’ve been shown a way to help even when I’m suffering with a migraine.

Along with everyone else, I, too, discovered Marie Condo’s show Tidying Up on Netflix. I was struck by her positive attitude and the unhurried way she organized. So, on good days when I had the energy, I organized the areas where my family and I needed the most help. Marie’s method is helping me and my family stay on top of life when I’m down with a migraine. Here are 4 ways Marie Kondo helped organize my migraines:

1. My 5-year-old can find his clothes

While suffering from a migraine, digging through my son’s drawer to find a specific shirt can send me running to the bathroom to hug the toilet. I alone held the secret Mom Map to where what he needed for the day was. Using Marie’s technique where clothes are folded to stand upright, my son can now see all his duds! He and I tackled this tidy-up method together and had a great time doing it!

2. Cell phone, and wallet, and keys, oh my!

My mom brain contains a map of every crayon and Lego in the house. My husband benefits from my mama noggin, because I also notice when he’s left his wallet on the couch or his cell phone on the toilet. That’s when I hear, “Honey, have you seen my….” Inspired by Ms. Kondo, I bought a tray where my hubby can place his most important belongings. This little tidy trick brings me great joy.

My migraine essentials are easy to find

My migraine must-haves were spread out in different drawers in my bathroom and bedroom. Digging through dressers while my brain was roasting made seconds feel like hours. Using Marie’s method, I found empty cardboard boxes that I put in my most used drawers. I placed everything I need for an attack inside the boxes so that I can find what I need at a glance.

4. Gratitude Has Its Place

Taking small amounts of time to slow down and organize has given me a gratitude for the days I’m well enough to do so. I especially love the days when my family helps. Marie talks a great deal about possessions “sparking joy,” and even though the migraines that possess me do not spark my joy, helping out my family certainly does.

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