Meal Service and Grocery Delivery During My Sickest Times

I've used Amazon pantry before, but to be honest, it's tedious, takes time and the boxes they send are massive. I LOVE me some Amazon prime, but after trying pantry three times, I've decided to go another route. (In our area we don't have anything like Amazon Prime Now).

Grocery delivery for days you're out of commission

Whatever genius thought of grocery delivery is a genius. You have no idea how much you've helped so many people: moms who have little time to get to the store, dad's who are planning/hosting a big sports party, etc. And then there are people like me - people who may be perfectly fine one day, but be out of commission the next, sometimes out of commission for a while.

Recently for me, I was bedridden due to illness and decided to finally give Shipt a try - they deliver from ONE local store around here (hey, it's a small town!) and I finally did it! I picked out the things that I needed to get through my flare, some liquids, some medical things (this store carries groceries and non-grocery items like big retailer stores). I. WAS. ECSTATIC. Aside from not being able to leave the house because of how much pain I was in, I knew groceries were coming, to my house, during the time I requested, within 2 hours of my order! That my friend, is accessibility. What's even better? When the delivery lady got to my house, she even offered to sweetly unload my groceries into my fridge. I declined, but the fact they offer this is simply amazing.

Practicing self-care by arranging help

Right now, I actually have the flu and will be utilizing these resources to prevent myself from spreading germs to other people and also collecting several more germs at the store touching carts and products and items other people may have touched. It's such a little window of perspective, but until you're living with a serious illness that prevents you from going out in public while sick, you don't realize how helpful a home delivery service can be.

So this was my self-care for the week. Letting someone else take care of the shopping for our home, worry about the hustle, stress, and bustle of crowds with germs and impatient people. I let someone help me and I asked for help! I could not be more thankful for grocery delivery service. I'll be using them again & I think the yearly Shipt cost of only $99 for deliveries is a pretty good score!

Yay for accessibility, self-care and ease of access!

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