Chronic Migraine Medications and A New Relationship

There are a variety of issues to consider when dealing with chronic migraine. Despite this, a common issue is managing the migraine pain with a limited supply of medications.

Starting over

The majority of the time that I have been battling chronic migraine, I was with the same partner. I went from episodic to chronic in 2009. My ex and I got together in 2011 and split last year in 2019. Now I am having to learn about not only dating but dating with chronic health conditions. This presents the challenge of having to educate somebody new on the chronic migraine coping and managing process.

Many migraine medications

To somebody on the outside viewpoint, there is an endless and confusing amount of medications involved with handling a migraine. Most of us with chronic migraine have a container of some sort where we keep everything for a migraine attack. This can seem like something unreal and overwhelming to somebody who does not know about managing chronic migraine. When my boyfriend saw me going through my medicine container for the first time, he was extremely shocked. His initial thought was literally “Holy sh*t, this girl takes that many meds.” Bless his heart. This poor man is still afraid to go through my medication container to find something for me.

Acute (abortive) medications

These medications are intended to stop the migraine in its tracks. Once a migraine starts, you are supposed to take one of these medications so it can stop the migraine. The reality is very different though. When living with chronic migraine, there are more migraine days than the allotted abortive medications allowed per month. I use an injectable triptan as an abortive and I can tell this is something he is definitely not comfortable with. I swear he flinches when I use it.

Anti-nausea medications

The medications designed to stop or help with nausea are sometimes the ones that I use the most. This is the one medication that my boyfriend can easily identify and fetch for me when I need it. It is also the one that he will tell me to take if I am putting it off.

Muscle relaxers

Some of us have muscle relaxers as part of our migraine kits. The idea is to help relax the muscles around the neck to ease a migraine. This is another medication that my boyfriend seems to not be unsure about. He will occasionally suggest I take one when he realizes that I am hurting.

Preventive medications

These medications are intended to prevent migraine attacks from occurring. Most of these medications are being used off-label. This means that they were created for other purposes, such as a beta-blocker, and were found to also decrease the occurrence of migraines. Most individuals who have been dealing with chronic migraine have tried a number of these medications. They may or may not have found one that is effective for them. Unfortunately, these preventative medications are not something that works for everybody.

Finding the right support

I do feel as though it is not the easiest thing for somebody on the outside to begin to understand everything that we deal with while trying to manage chronic migraine. But it is important that the person we choose to bring into our lives is willing to learn and has compassion. I am lucky that my other half has not ran for the hills yet. I am joking. But again, I think it is important to not settle for somebody who cannot be supportive of your therapy process for your migraines.

Editorial Note: This article was published on Chronic Migraine Awareness Day in 2020. Want to learn more about Chronic Migraine Awareness Day? Click here!

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