Part Two: I Meditated Every Day For 30 Days And Here's What Happened

I was committed to trying my brain at meditation. I'd hoped it might ease the constant drumming in my head which reminded me more of a Doctor Who episode than real life. I was ready to see if this practice would make any dent in the frequency or pain level of a brain that liked to boil itself.

Finding time to meditation

So now that I’d picked out the type that worked for me (guided meditation), I had to find a time to get my meditation on. This part was sticky—much like the apple sauce pouch my kid spilled in my meditation spot. Being the mama to a 3-year-old didn’t leave me a lot of time to brush my teeth let alone find 30-minutes to sit all by myself. When would I meditate?

Quieting the mind to meditate

When I tried quieting my mind first thing in the morning, I found my meditator’s voice drowned out by the dulcet sounds of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. While I enjoy Mickey Mouse as much as the next person, his squeaky voice didn’t help me to find that “soothing space in my inner mind cloud.” When I tried sneaking away for even 5-minutes during the day (knowing my son was safely playing in his play area), I couldn’t concentrate. My mom brain was always on high alert. The best time to practice was when my son was asleep and I was downshifting into bedtime.

What meditations worked for me?

The mediations that worked best for me were usually ones that dealt with emotional release or working step-by-step to release tension from the body. I left both of those feeling a deep sense of relaxation. My body felt heavier and my mind was able to shut down quicker. After a busy day of momming, this was a nice bonus.

Sleeping better from meditating

After a week, I noticed that I was sleeping better. When two weeks had passed, I hadn’t noticed a difference in my migraine frequency, but I did try listening to my guided meditations while having a migraine and something happened—my pain level lessoned. Just to be clear, I wasn’t able to get of bed and dance a jig but my pain level dialed down one full notch. I was able to fall asleep. This was a total score!

How did meditating impact my migraine?

When I completed my full month of meditation, I could tell a difference — not in the frequency of my migraines but in myself. My body felt different—more spacious somehow. My meditations had moved me into a less fearful place and as a migraineur that was definitely helpful. I was sad to discover that this practice hadn’t changed my migraine frequency, but thrilled to know I had a tool to help ease my pain level.


In the end, I’m glad I took the advice that so many others have given me. Now I know the benefits of this practice for myself. Now, if only my husband would take some of my advice when it comes to the placement of our throw pillows...

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