"The Migraine Guy" Wants Us to Know We're Not Alone

He calls himself “The Migraine Guy,” and though Kevin Patton has experienced migraine attacks painful enough to send him to the emergency room, the YouTuber and Podcaster knows that others experience these severe attacks more frequently. So his goal has always been to help others.

“The Migraine Guy” is here to help

“It’s not so much that I have any particular struggle with my migraines. It’s just that I see a little bit through my own eyes, my own pain, what other people experience much more frequently, that it motivates me to do something because those people deserve the help…. They are the people that require those who aren’t suffering to reach out and offer a lending hand,” explains Patton.

“The Migraine Guy” started recording videos for YouTube in 2016 where he reviews a variety of migraine related subjects and has over 54 thousand views. For example, he talks about his experience with medications such as sumatriptan and propranolol, or what happened when he tried products such as the Migraine Buddy app or a melatonin nose spray—he currently has twenty-one product reviews posted. He also raises awareness about migraine, such as in his series, The Migraine Minute, where he provides quick facts in tightly edited sixty second videos. When he realized that he had more to say than what he could fit in a short video—he decided to expand to a podcast last year.

Expanding to a migraine podcast

The decision to include completely audio-focused media also came from thinking about his audience. Part of the migraine experience can be hours stuck in bed, in too much pain to move or look at a screen but awake and aware enough to be lonely or bored. Patton explains his thinking: “The main focus of doing online content for me is, the ability to reach people who are confined to their homes because they can’t get out … in order to get some human contact that they wouldn’t otherwise get.”

He covers a wide variety of migraine-related topics, including his trial with CBD oil, to an interview with Headache and Migraine Summit Organizer and Living Limitless founder, Marta Taylor, the Paleo Diet and migraine, as well as tips and advice. He often updates the audience on his own story at the beginning of the episode, but he doesn’t dwell on his own issues even in difficult times. Instead, he explains that he is telling his story to relate to listeners, and often thanks fans for their support on social media. In a calm and steady radio voice, he reiterates the core message each episode: “You are not alone.”

A healthy debate about treatments

Patton is a student of philosophy, and his inquisitive nature comes out in conversations with guests. We are all used to hearing various claims to cure-alls or miracle alternatives in the migraine world, and "The Migraine Guy" handles others’ opinions with a balanced viewpoint.

His thoughts on trying something out-of-the-box? “I guess even if you’re going to do something [to help your migraines] which has no basis in statistics or studies, be aware that it has no basis and that doesn’t automatically rule out approaching, it just means approach it with an appropriate level of expectation.” When I ask him how he conducts conversations with someone in the community who has found their “cure,” he says, “We want to have a healthy debate but then we also don’t want to restrict people from the relief that they have found.”

Indeed, Patton is there to help think through an idea and explore any possibility in service of his listeners. He wants us to know that there’s always something to try and the bottom line is: we are not alone.

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