Migraine Insomnia

In the last few weeks, I have had several migraines that made it all but impossible to sleep. It is an interesting type of migraine to say the least compared to my normal type of migraine. It does not come with nausea or dizziness, but it is definitely an extremely unpleasant migraine.

This new migraine

I have been getting these throbbing migraines that feel like pressure from both sides of my head and at the temple that kind of pulses in the middle of my head. I am still fairly functional during these migraines, unlike the version of migraines that completely take my feet out from under me. Although this type of migraine makes sleep just utterly impossible. Even with abortive medication, just enough of the pain and throbbing stays at the forefront to keep me from being able to fall asleep.

Insomnia and migraine attacks - the vicious cycle

This becomes a vicious cycle because the migraines are causing the insomnia and in turn the insomnia causes more migraines to occur. Sleep or rather consistent sleep is crucial for migraine sufferers. Changes in our regular sleep pattern can trigger more frequent or more intense migraines than we would normally have with regular sleep patterns.

Consistency isn't easy

I struggle with consistency at home a lot. Consistency during the week is easy enough to maintain because I have a work schedule that is set. On the other hand, the weekends are a different story for me. I always seem to try to cram too many things into the days and we end up staying up way too late as a direct result. Due to this, we often find ourselves not feeling great and basically wasting part of our days napping because we do not feel well.

As far as migraines go, in my world this type is not what I would consider my worst episodes, but they are by far some of the most frustrating ones because they are just intense enough to make me extremely uncomfortable and more times than not, the abortive does not completely get rid of the migraine. Coping with this type of migraine is exceptionally difficult and frustrating. The pain stops me from being able to sleep and lack of sleep causes more migraine pain, which leaves me feeling drained and unfortunately powerless. Much like some other individuals, there does not seem to be anything even my doctor can really do about my migraines.

No way of knowing why I have different types of migraines

There are no concrete reasons for my migraines, let alone how to distinguish between what causes one type of migraine and not the other type of migraine. All we can really do is fight through the pain and other symptoms until the migraine passes and maybe if we are lucky we might figure out if something we are doing is specifically triggering a migraine. Or possibly one day find a better treatment plan that will help prevent or treat the migraines that we do encounter so they are not as frequent or as long lasting.

Do you have multiple types of migraines?

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