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My CGRP Experience

I started my CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide) therapy in December of 2018. I had been discussing trying the regimen with my neurologist for months, but they were desperately trying to get the insurance to pay for Botox. My neurologist said insurance wouldn’t pay for both treatments. I was in a great deal of pain and drowning in migraine symptoms so I didn’t push the issue and waited until my insurance approved the Botox.

Receiving Ajovy injections for free

It was also in December that I started seeing a second neurologist at the University of South Florida. She was awesome and took some very detailed notes from our one hour visit. Knowing that I was receiving Botox already she said I could be on CGRP therapy as well. I was all ears at that point! After a brief trip out of the room she came back in with Ajovy for me. They explained how it needed to be administered and even offered to have the nurse give me the injection. The shot was given to me for free which was great. I also received a copay card from the manufacturer to be used with my prescription refills. I just completed my fourth treatment and all the shot copays have been zero! A break like this was such a blessing.

My first CGRP shot was painless

I have been one of those patients that is not overly responsive to therapies. It’s not due to noncompliance or anything like that. Apparently, my migraine is just plain stubborn! I’m a 51-year-old male. I’ve read that migraine in men tends to be harder to treat and manage so I guess I just fit the bill. My first CGRP shot was virtually painless. It was by far the easiest therapy I’ve had to date. One shot once a month was all it required from me. I don’t mind injecting myself so that was a plus. I noticed after the second day my intractable migraine pain was starting to diffuse. The pounding, one-sided, headache was being replaced with a 3/4 headache that was easier for me to deal with. I hadn’t been using any of my abortive medications. They stopped working for me months earlier, but I was able to get by with ice, heat, and essential oils after the shot.

CGRP helps me better manage my migraine

Fast forward to March 2019 and my headache pain is still dull. Don’t get me wrong it’s still present every waking hour, but the pain can be managed when it starts spiking. I still have many of the other intractable migraine symptoms. Unfortunately, the CGRP shots have not gotten them to calm down. I meet with the neurologist that prescribed the shot for me later this month. I’m planning on going over the effectiveness of the therapy and trying to figure out if toned down headache pain is my only expected benefit. It’s a great reward for sure and I’m happy to have it as part of my therapy. CGRP doesn’t work for everybody. I’ve read that it does help four out of five people though and that’s excellent. As for me, I will take whatever benefits I can get from CGRP. I’m always going to be moving forward in my migraine journey and CGRP therapy is working in my opinion.

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