My Earliest Memories of Migraines

My Earliest Memories of Migraines

My earliest memory of migraines begins at a young age. I’m in grade school and it’s not memories of me having them, but my mother. I remember feeling so helpless seeing a person in bed who never took time to rest or have a break during the day and how much it broke my heart.

Distinctly remembering the darkness

My mother, in a darkened, silenced room. Someone I looked up to so much, could barely tolerate the pain that she was experiencing. I remember leaving for school and kissing her goodbye. I distinctly remember the darkness and the smell of pain and frustration. At a young age, I would not only learn the beginnings of my own empathy but also the feelings of helplessness.

Hormones and more frequent migraine attacks

Despite having a hysterectomy at a young age and being promised that being put on hormones would lessen the frequency and strength of her migraines, they became more frequent. Much like me, her migraines presented along the time of her menstrual cycle and when she was supposed to have it.

Learning about empathy

Fortunately, this story has a good ending. After she was able to come off the hormones, along with adding vitamin B to her regimen, her migraines subsided. My mother hasn’t had a migraine in about four years. Ironically enough, our family has seen just enough illness to know that we may not medically or physically understand one disease from another, but we’ve learned empathy and that is something that will never fade.

Thankful for family support

I’m extremely thankful my mother no longer constantly struggles with the pain and suffering of migraines and realize that not everyone’s story is similar. But, it can be hope for women whose migraines were initially onset by pregnancy.

She may not get them often, but I know that when I experience my own onset of migraines, that she will be a listening and understanding ear when I need to vent or cry. I hate that we can relate to something that makes you feel so sick and helpless, but I've also learned it can bring a family tighter together. For that, I am very thankful.

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