My Emgality Experience

I was fortunate to have been able to use the new CGRP drugs as a preventative option in my migraine therapy regimen.

My first CGRP was Ajovy

I started out on Ajovy in December 2018 and was able to utilize it until April of 2019. It was at that point my insurance carrier got involved and would no longer allow the Ajovy to be filled, as I was also on Botox.

I tried to comply by discontinuing my Botox treatments as they were really not doing anything for my migraine anymore. I was blocked by my insurance carrier once again. I was fighting a fruitless battle, but on the upside, the positive effects of Ajovy were still continuing much to my surprise.

I drifted on until November 2019 that’s when I was able to try Emgality. My insurance carrier had this particular CGRP drug on their formulary and was covering the drug.

Trying Emgality for the first time

Emgality came as a prefilled syringe with an auto-injector. It was administered quite similarly to Ajovy so that made it a good fit for me. I was able to have the drug sent to my home from the university pharmacy where my headache specialist had her office which made it convenient. The only caveat was the package with the medication needed a signature of a person over twenty-one.

I was able to use the first dose after letting the drug come to room temperature for thirty minutes. It was easy to administer and I didn’t really feel any painful sensation. I did notice that the week after the injection I felt a bit headachy, but the pain was tolerable and passed without incident.

How am I doing on Emgality?

The effects of Emgality proved to be quite similar to my other CGRP drugs. I was still experiencing a daily headache, but the pain was greatly diffused and bearable. I understand that this may not be the case for everyone, but for my experience, I’m considering this a win.

Since starting Emgality, I have not taken any of my abortive medications which is great as I don’t like the side effects of them. I will say that I am still experiencing prodrome symptoms as well as my postdrome symptoms, including the migraine hangover. I still have to be careful and watch my triggers, but even those seem to be a little less of a problem on Emgality.

I am finding I can drive more often than not, and even night driving seems to be well tolerated which is exciting.

Wondering what the future holds

As we ring in 2020 I can’t help but wonder if my insurance carrier will continue to keep Emgality on their formulary. I know the drug works for me, but the cost will definitely be a factor in the future if my insurance decides to cease covering the drug.

Perhaps if that happens they will cover Ajovy again or even Aimovig. For now, I remain positive and will keep using the drug as long as it is covered by my insurance.

I know the CGRP drugs may give people reservations as there is not a ton of information on long term effects of taking the drug, but as for me, I am willing to take the risk and enjoy every day I can get without the killer pain of migraine. Sure, I’ll still be dealing with migraine’s symptoms, but how is that any different than what I’ve been dealing with for years!?

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