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My house is not picture perfect organized as much as I would like it to be; honestly prior to my husband and dogs, my Papa used to say my house looked like it was never lived in! Needless to say, I am one of those people who have those OCD tendencies where everything has its place and that is where it is supposed to kind of thing. So much so if my husband washes the dishes and puts them out to dry, he only puts up the silverware and the glasses! My nieces can come over and know exactly where to find bottled water and some snacks, all on their own and without having to ask!

Unfortunately, as my illnesses have progressed, my ability to maintain my house to my picture-perfect quality has suffered, to the extent I have had to threaten family members who choose to make comments that they can help clean or go back to their own home!

Pain interferes with housekeeping

Unfortunately because of the extreme pain that I have to endure on a daily bases, my ability to maintain the house to what I feel is the correct level definitely does not happen these days. This definitely adds a level of stress to me, even though my husband does not complain most of the time. When I have an extreme migraine, it is pretty much impossible to get chores around the house completed. It is even harder on the days when the fibromyalgia decides to join the migraine party.

This mostly causes guilt on my behalf because I feel as though I am not doing my part as a wife to take care of the house. To add to the guilt, I lost my job about six months ago because they didn't think I was fit to perform my job. This makes my husband the primary income maker for our family, so I feel like I am not holding up my side of the deal when I cannot get all the housework and dinner done because I am feeling too badly.

Adding Harvey damage

As if managing a normal household with chronic migraine and various other health issues is not hard enough. We still have not recovered from Harvey. A large portion of our house is down to studs, which makes it even harder to keep everything clean and in some sort of an order. Like so much so, our bed is in what should be the dining room! Talk about figuring out a new normal and a new place for things to belong.

These are definitely times when it would be helpful if the husbands or other family members would or could assist in helping out with the various chores around the house without us having to ask too much. But it seems like those days may not be coming too soon, despite how much they like to say they help us! People do not realize sometimes we already feel like a burden, so it is hard to ask for additional help.

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