A woman lies in bed with a variety of alternative treatment remedies on the bed next to her.

4 Natural Remedies That Help When Migraines Attack

When migraines attack, my only defense is to lay in bed like a slug.

There are no medicines or secret incantations that will stop them. I must let my pain run its course until my brain decides to stop grilling itself.

While lying in bed like a slug with a migraine, I've assembled a bag of handy treatments that help me work through the pain. These handy natural remedies can save a trip to the ER and rescue my stomach from a trip to the toilet bowl. Here are four remedies that help me during a migraine episode:

Arnica/Arnicare Gel

This a pain-relieving gel with no artificial colors or perfumes. When suffering from particularly bad migraines, my sense of smell is heightened. I can smell stinky garbage from 4 houses away and smelling smelly smells worsens my nausea. Arnicare (topical) Gel reduces muscle aches, swelling, and stiffness and with no odor to bother me, it's perfect. Since a lot of my pain centers around my jaw and my temples, this is where I use it the most. It goes on smoothly and it takes the edge off my head pain.

Kava-Kava root tea

This root comes from the Pacific Islands and can be used to help relieve stress and promote sleep. Besides standing in line at the DMV, there’s not a lot that's more stressful than suffering the pain of a migraine, and this tea helps me relax enough to doze through sections of my migraine. Kava-Kava root comes in different forms like liquid extract or a mixable powder. These can be more potent forms but are still found at stores like Whole Foods.

Organic fruity popsicles

The combination of the cold and the tangy helps my head settle. While in the throes of a migraine attack, I’m not able to eat or drink much without making my stomach churn. Eating a cold popsicle (preferably the red kind) is a way that I can stay hydrated while doing my best imitation of a slug eating a popsicle.

CBD massage cream

This is a recent acquisition and I use it as a calming aid. CBD topical balm is a magic trick in my bag of tricks. I apply it where my migraine is not. My neck and shoulders don’t become actively involved in my migraines and this is why I apply it there. My attention is shifted to a part of my body that actually feels good. This confuses my brain out of my migraine long enough to catch a few z’s.

After my time as a slug has ended, I’m always relieved that I’ve found some natural remedies that help me work through the pain. I can now rejoin my family and spend time with my young son exploring the world. We can look for tiny slugs outside instead of at mom-sized ones inside.

P.S. Don’t forget to check with your doctor when adding anything new to your regimen.

P.P.S Always check with me before eating the last red popsicle.

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