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How Nurtec Helped My Migraine

I am a chronic migraine sufferer. I have been chronic and intractable for about 3 years. I often wonder where the time has gone. It left with my career and normal life, unfortunately. There have been dozens of therapy regimens I have tried over the full course of fighting migraine disease, and fortunately, I have found some of them have helped me. I am glad my headache specialist is up for trying new therapy combinations to help me fight this disease and more importantly getting me to a point that I can once again have some control over my life. One of my latest additions to the arsenal of treatments has been Nurtec ODT (rimegepant).

What is Nurtec and how does it help?

Nurtec is a CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide) receptor antagonist that is used to treat migraine with or without aura in adults. I am currently taking Emgality shots once a month for chronic migraine and have been on it for 9 months. It has helped with the pain of an attack but loses it’s effect after the second to third week after the shot. That’s where Nurtec has stepped in to help me combat the breakthrough migraine days. I find that if I take the medication when I start feeling my prodrome symptoms I can usually nip a long-lasting event in the bud.

The trouble with Nurtec packaging

The packaging of the medication could be a bit easier to get into in my opinion. The medication comes in a box that slides open as you hold a tab at the end of the box. After sliding the medication tray all the way out you have to flip open the piece holding the pills. Then you can peel back the protective covering to get to the pill. I know when I am suffering I don’t need a complicated delivery protocol to get to my rescue medication!

Has Nurtec worked for me?

That being said the medication has been effective for me each time I’ve used it. The effects take from 1 to 3 hours to work on my attacks and seem to last into the next day pretty well. For me, it worked better than Ubrelvy which is another CGRP abortive drug.

Nurtec and insurance assistance programs

If you qualify Nurtec has a copay assistance card if your insurance doesn’t cover the medication. It is easy to find information on that at nurtec.com. There are restrictions for the card which are covered on their website. I found the site to be very user-friendly and the card was quick and easy to obtain. I had no issues at the pharmacy when I presented them with the copay card. The technicians in most pharmacies are very well versed in how to handle copay cards and coupons for medication discounts.

What's my overall review of Nurtec?

As I said I am very pleased with Nurtec. I had no side effects when I took the drug. The only thing I will say I experienced is an after taste in the back of my mouth. The pill initially tasted like vanilla, mint as it melted on my tongue, but after it was gone there was an aftertaste similar to the taste of a diet soda. It was not bothersome and wouldn’t keep me from taking the drug! I would encourage anyone who suffers from migraine to ask their doctor about trying the medication. You have nothing to lose and you may just find some relief from your attacks.

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