Migraine Onset Survey

Migraine Onset Survey (Closed)

Even if one is diagnosed with migraine later in life, people can sometimes retrospectively recall symptoms of migraine at an early age. According to our Migraine In America 2017 data, over half the respondents reported experiencing migraine symptoms before reaching adulthood. While 57% of respondents started experiencing migraine symptoms before turning 18, only 23% were formally diagnosed with migraine before that age.

Memories of migraine during childhood

This gap does not make it surprising that memories of childhood migraine were negative. When asked, "What, if anything, do you remember most about experiencing migraine as a child/teenager?", participants recalled having to miss school, being scared and crying, having to lay in a dark room, feeling constant excruciating pain, dealing with nausea and vomiting, and struggling with adults not understanding or believing their pain.

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Your experience, and the experience of all our community members, is extremely important to us. Migraine.com occasionally conducts research studies in collaboration with university researchers. This survey is being conducted to learn more about the onset of migraine during childhood and during adulthood, in addition to current experiences. We hope the findings will help improve care for individuals experiencing migraine symptoms at a young age.

The survey is anonymous and no personal information will be shared with our research partner. Data will be reported only in aggregate form (eg, 60% of people said that...). This survey is now closed.

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