Living with Migraine

Living with migraine one day at a time. Get tips and read about living and coping with migraine.

By Tammy Rome - July 19, 2016
According to the International Classification of Headache Disorders, 3rd Edition, primary headache disorders are classified in one of three ways: Migraine, Tension-Type Headaches, or Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias. As our name implies, most... READ MORE

By Anna Eidt - July 13, 2016
It is widely accepted in the scientific community that music has incredible therapeutic applications to improve people’s overall health, but most of us don’t need to read a study or visit a music... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - July 12, 2016
I love catching up with friends. We’re spread all over the country and so busy managing our daily lives that it’s hard to stay connected. Those moments we steal are so precious!... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - July 7, 2016
Yeah, you…the one with the brightness turned way down, hiding behind sunglasses, under that big hat, surrounded in ice packs and trash bins. It’s been three days and that storm in your... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - July 5, 2016
In March, articles started circulating on social media about the benefits of Johnson’s Vapor Bath for relieving the pain of migraine. It started with someone’s Facebook claim that using this product nightly... READ MORE

By Kerrie Smyres - June 30, 2016
Readers often ask about something they call “cluster migraine”. It’s not an official diagnosis in the International Classification of Headache Disorders, so delving into the topic took some sleuthing. I found the following... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - June 21, 2016
Recently I noticed a post on our Facebook page that said, “3-8 migraines per month? Consider this study.” Always interested in migraine research, I clicked on the link and decided to apply for the... READ MORE

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