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Nothing Wrong With a "Party Pooper"?

Graduating college was probably one of the highest achievements that I’ve ever accomplished. I was never a great student growing up, but I was determined and charismatic enough to make a lot of friends and do well in my creative courses. So, naturally, I got a degree in theatre.

Being a theatre student in college felt, often, like an extension of being a drama kid in high school. The drama kids were always very, well, dramatic. We consisted of a tight-knit circle of creative outcasts and emotionally vulnerable friends. I mean we all had to be in order to portray characters and display their truthful feelings on stage or on camera.

Mom, Dad, LOOK AWAY!

In college, I did some drinking. I was never a huge drinker. But I went to my share or theatre parties and social get-togethers, and alcohol hoohaas and whatnot. That was sort of what my college experience was. This experience, the quintessential alcohol experience, proved a couple of things to me.

1. I hate the taste of vodka.

2. Drinking triggered migraines.

It was incredibly hard to tell where a migraine started and being hungover ended. I knew people who were so eager to get smashed and forget it all the day before. Believe me, I had my share of expressing myself, but I always regretted it because my body handled headaches very differently than most people. This pain would be unbearable. I would wake up with an all too familiar migraine.

Where am I now?

I’m a year out of college and my drinking habits are few and far between, not because of a crazy wild party experience, but because of the migraines that I’ve felt thanks to alcohol. It’s gotten to the point where I will hold off on social drinking for fear that it’ll trigger a migraine, before I even get tipsy, which it has.

Am I a party pooper? I really don’t judge people for being able to get smashed and walk away from the results, but I kind of hate that I can’t really do that. At this point, I'm trying to not feel as bad as I do when I want to try to ‘have fun’ and ‘boogie-woogie.’

I think I just have to be okay with it

I don’t mean in a bummer kind of way and I really do try to live my life in a positive light. Rather, I mean that everything good comes in moderation. Since I graduated, I have taken several steps trying to figure out how my body deals with certain things. What stimuli will set it off? In doing so, I know that alcohol is one of the many things that can trigger my migraines.

I don’t see this as a negative thing. I used to, but I try not to. If anything, I know that I’ll just always have to be a lightweight and not get smashed when hanging out with friends. It forces me to seem responsible in a way. It’s okay, now I don’t have to deal with alcohol’s awful taste.

I’m okay with that! Yuck!

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