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Managing Stress with Migraines

When it comes to my migraines, stress is a massive trigger. Unfortunately, I have a lot of stress in my life. Learning to balance stress has become an important component of managing my migraines.

Managing financial stressors

One of the biggest stressors in my life comes from financial issues. I have a fixed income, which puts restrictions on my daily life. Even people without medical issues that are on a fixed income, must balance their income with the general cost of living expenses.

Keeping a detailed budget

Keeping a detailed budget to review assets and liabilities is a particularly good step in managing this issue. Unfortunately, medical costs can be somewhat more difficult to budget. It can be easy enough to budget regular monthly prescription costs. Unexpected costs associated with getting sick or a new prescription can affect a budget. Less drastically, the budget can also be challenged by periodic follow-up doctor appointments. This may be especially true when doctor appointment copayments are high. I know it is a common belief that people should have a certain amount of money saved up for situations like this case. Sometimes the circumstances of life prevent us from being able to save money for those ‘just in case’ moments.

Managing stress to reduce migraine frequency

The migraines that are due to stress are some of the worst migraines that I get. Since stress is ultimately something that I cannot completely prevent, I had to figure out ways to manage the inevitable stress in my life. I found a few methods that helped me deal with the stress in my life.

Using music to de-stress

While I am a person who has migraines and used to have daily migraines, I am also a person who has always loved music. I went through a period where I was too scared of noise to enjoy music like I used to before the chronic migraines. Since music was always a large part of my life prior to chronic migraine, I believe that avoiding music so much impacted my mental health.

Nowadays, I take my time and enjoy music of some kind regularly. When it is cool down here in the south, I will lean back on my porch steps and let the music play. My key here is to keep my eyes closed, enjoy the breeze, and enjoy the musical notes. The musical selection that I make depends on how my head is feeling.

Self-love and self-care

When the term self-love started becoming a popular discussion, I really thought it was silly. Though the longer I struggled with chronic migraines, the more I learned to appreciate some self-love. My first step into caring for myself involved long, hot showers. These hot showers turned into hot baths. I eventually found bath bombs which made the hot baths even better! This is one way that I found to melt stress off myself.

Exercise to reduce stress

Many people cringe at the idea of trying to exercise. A key to remember with this suggestion is that everybody is at a different level. Doing some simple stretches is beneficial to our bodies. The exercises do not have to be intense in order to be beneficial.

Since we all face some level of stress, I hope these tips can be helpful in others' migraine journey.

Have you found different things that were helpful for you to manage the stress of your own?

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