My Plan to Being a Migraine Free Bride

I’m getting married this January. My fiancé and I will each be 40 years old and our relationship started in college. So, needless to say, this moment has been a long time coming. We went our separate ways for years after college, but reconnected last year and quickly realized what we felt before was real, the timing just wasn’t right… and now the timing is perfectly right. We could not be more excited as we select our venue, book our honeymoon and plan for our future. Personally, one other thing I’m planning for is to be a migraine-free bride.

I will not let migraine ruin my wedding day

I will not have a migraine ruin a day that I’ve dreamt up and waited for years. Of course, anyone who has experienced migraines knows that you can’t always predict let alone control when a migraine is coming. That’s why as I’m planning for the months leading up the wedding – especially in them being on the immediate heels of the holiday season – to make my health a top priority.

Scheduling rest days

I’ve been mindful since the end of summer to be forecasting my work schedule and the wedding planning months in advance. I’ve intentionally blocked the important dates on the calendar and more importantly cushioned them with rest days or at least less intense days before and after. In August I actually put a cap on commitments on certain weeks leading up to the wedding.

Choosing to prioritize my health

I say this as a business owner with a lot of medical and wedding expenses. I don’t have the luxury of paid time off. Virtually every dollar I make gets reinvested back into the business. But during a season like this of getting married, making my health a priority is a choice. And it’s a choice that nobody else can or will make for me. I don’t want to be a frazzled mess leading up to my wedding or walking down the aisle with a migraine. Both are a hard “no” for me.

Trying my best to avoid my migraine triggers

So, with that choice comes with sacrifice. What is most important to me and where can I trim back to best position myself to not only be migraine free on my wedding day but on my honeymoon too? I need to make sure that I’m avoiding my migraine food triggers, exercising consistently, getting quality sleep and using my essential oils regularly to support my overall health. It’s not a guarantee but it does stack the odds in my favor as best they can. And one thing I’ve learned about migraine management over the years is that the fewer migraines I get, the less at risk I am for a future migraine.

Hoping my planning pays off

But I have to start this plan months in advance in order for it to have any chance of working. Time will tell but in just the first few weeks, I’m already feeling better and more in control because I’ve set the intention and created a plan.

How have you best managed your migraine attacks during a season of high stress – good or bad stress?

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