Is Migraine a Punchline?

I know this is not the best way to get this idea across, however…I think I’m kinda funny.

Fun in the 4th grade

There was a birthday in grade school where my mother brought in snacks for me and my class. She was always the creative parent, going the extra mile by incorporating my obsessions, like Godzilla and Spiderman, into delectable birthday sweets.

It was this year, fourth grade I believe, when I wanted lightsabers. I loved Star Wars, so naturally, the lightsaber was the perfect symbol to represent the stellar space epic.

She made pretzel. I really don’t like pretzels. They’re too hard and crumbly and they don’t taste like much. But when they’re covered in chocolate and sprinkles, they become the tools of Jedis.

I love making people laugh

I remember running around the room doing flips and stunts with my very tiny lightsaber snacks. A little gangly geek running around in a grey shirt and grey sweatpants (groutfit) while twirling a pretzel at my classmates.

I’ve always tried to make people laugh through slapstick humor or with my fast, self-deprecating wit. There’s a sort of victory I receive with every chuckle, no matter how pathetic or piteous it is. I enjoy making other people enjoy life through smiles.

I heard a joke that got me thinking

I was watching YouTube, which we all know is a rabbit-hole in and of itself. I was watching some video, where the host was working on some sort of ‘art’ project/installation, which involved a crazy-complicated myriad of colors, shapes, and textures. It was visually terrifying. So, when this artist finally finished his work on this bizarre masterpiece, he said how it gave him "like eight migraines at once looking at the dang thing.”

Yes, my description may be hard to imagine, but that’s not the point because…the punchline was migraine.

We're all in this together

Migraine has become such a large part of my life. I have always had a stake in the matter, but since becoming a contributor to this platform, I know more than just my story. I hear yours.

I’ve read so many stories of pain, loss, and agonizing sorrow. People whose marriages have crumbled due to migraine, and how some people have kept from driving a motor vehicle thanks to auras. Migraine is not inherently funny. Chronic migraine can be debilitating, where you have to keep yourself in the dark just to keep your brain from tearing itself apart.

Is it okay to laugh about migraine?

I’ve never been in the position that so many people have been. Can I deal with my struggle with laughter? This has been something that I’ve done in other avenues of my life. It's how I’ve dealt with everything else, major or otherwise.

This is the incredibly sensitive question that I pose. I prefer to try and deal with my own personal experiences with alleviating laughter but I am by no means the be all end all of the migraine community. I think if anything, I just want to know what you think.

Can it be tasteful? Can it be hurtful? Or can it distract from the pain that it carries? Can humor be a way to address the pain and symptoms of migraine by addressing, in the mainstream, how unreal its symptoms are?

I don’t have an answer but maybe you do? Please feel free to comment down below.

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