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Intractable Migraine: Is There Purpose in Your Pain?

It has been several weeks since the intractable migraine began its assault on my life. As if chronic migraine was not enough of a drain.

More to give

Intractable migraine proved that I had more to give.  My head was undergoing a daily pounding, searing pain along with all the baggage that goes along with migraine. As bad as it was when I couldn’t do anything but cry myself to sleep, I always found the strength within me to make it another day. I would think to myself I’ve got no more to give but then the next day came and I was still there hanging on to hope. I wondered what’s the purpose in my pain?

All bets were off

I have an awesome and supportive family. I have a good job and truly feel that I am pretty free of stress most days.  I do get stressed at the ominous signs of aura though. I experience aura every single hour of my day as well as suffering from New Daily Headache so I brush it off until my vision starts distorting. That’s when my body lets me know it’s going to get ugly within the hour. I have a standard migraine relief protocol, but with intractable migraine all bets were off. I had three escape medications to use to no avail. I knew Botox was coming soon so I was hopeful even if there was no guarantee it would work. I never lost hope.

I know there is a purpose in my pain

I am not a religious person. I do have a relationship with Christ though. It’s that relationship that keeps hope’s fire still burning within me. Was Botox going to be my Godsend or CGRP perhaps? Either way I still had hope. I know there is going to be purpose in my pain. I know how hard it is to imagine that migraine has a purpose in life. I’m sure it will present itself differently in each person’s life.  We all differ in what we put our hope and faith into. I haven’t come to the point of knowing the purpose in my pain. If you have come to that point in your life I’m happy for you. Purpose may go under the guise of promoting migraine awareness, having support and compassion for other migraine sufferers, or just getting real with yourself and making your health a priority. No matter where I am in the journey with chronic migraine I know I will always have hope. For now that is the purpose in my pain.

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