Community Conversations: Relationships & Migraine

Last updated: May 2019

We know that romantic relationships and intimacy have a very real impact on emotional health. Share your story in our easy and anonymous polls, and raise your voice about what you want more of in the migraine community!

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It's not always easy to bring up intimate topics. How's your communication with your partner(s) around intimate topics?

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How comfortable are you talking to your partner about sex and intimacy?

Everyone's different in how much support they need. Do you find what you're looking for when it comes to sexual health and relationships?

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Do you think there are enough resources on sex and intimacy for those with migraine?

We want to support our community in the best way we can! What topics could you use more info about?

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You can share more about your perspectives when it comes to relationships and migraine in our Q&As! Only your username will be visible to others:

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