RetreatMigraine Registration Lottery Open through Nov 22

Through writing and advocacy work, I’ve had opportunities to meet others who understand exactly what I’m going through. They know how I feel and what I need without saying a word. RetreatMigraine was one of these amazing experiences.

Sharing personal stories, hearing new ideas, and commiserating on how much migraine sucks is very validating. When I meet someone with migraine, my response is, “I’m sorry, but we’re in good company with a supportive community.”


Last April, I met 210 people who live with migraine disease. It was overwhelming in the best way. I finally met people I’ve considered family after years of correspondence online. RetreatMigraine was the first, large, national conference designed for and led by people living with migraine disease. CHAMP (Coalition For Headache And Migraine Patients) hosted this three-day event in San Antonio, TX.

The goal is to support and strengthen our community from the inside out. Attendees were given opportunities to learn about their disease and treatment options, discover new ways in which to advocate, and to participate in complementary therapy experiences.

Below are details about RetreatMigraine 2020 and the registration lottery that is open now until November 22.

RetreatMigraine 2020

Dates: April 17-19, 2020

Location: Crowne Plaza

Redondo Beach and Marina

Los Angeles, California


  • Interactive sessions led by members of CHAMP, patient opinion leaders, and leading experts
  • Learn new ways to manage your migraine disease
  • Build relationships with others living with migraine
  • Understand the importance of combating stigma and ways you can make a difference
  • Experience a broad range of complementary therapies including yoga, meditation and social support
  • Discover ways to advocate and how to put your story into action
  • Art and Crafts Therapy Room
  • Optional Support Group Sessions

This event imigraine-friendly as possible: fragrance free, accommodating lighting, and diverse food options.


The below registration costs cover two nights of lodging at the Crowne Plaza, one breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, shuttle service from LAX airport, access to a wide variety of interactive programming (choose your own adventure) and lots of hugs and support! Below is the cost break-down*:

  • $100 local patient or caregiver (does not include lodging)
  • $200 patient (double occupancy)
  • $400 patient and caregiver (shared occupancy)
  • $400 patient (single occupancy)

*Registration costs will be invoiced to you only if you are chosen through the lottery. No money is required when you register for the lottery.

Registration for RetreatMigraine is open now through November 22, 2019 at 5pm ET.

Due to high demand, registration is conducted by lottery. Registrants will be notified in early December if they have been chosen or if they are put on the waiting list.

  • Scholarships for registration and travel will be available.
  • For those who can’t attend, Facebook Live will be used to broadcast sessions as well as other social media platforms to help foster dialogue and connections with others at home.

For more details and to complete the registration form visit CHAMP's RetreatMigraine webpage and scroll down to see and complete the registration lottery form.


CHAMP (Coalition For Headache And Migraine Patients) is an organization working to better support those living with headache, migraine and cluster diseases (and their caregivers) who are often stigmatized and under-served. Together CHAMP members work to enhance communication, coordination and collaboration to more effectively help people wherever they are on their patient journey.CHAMP is comprised of 22 members including:

  • 15 non-profits
  • 4 patient-opinion leaders
  • 3 migraine communication companies

Disclaimer: I, Katie M. Golden, am a member of CHAMP as a patient opinion leader. Health Union, LLC, parent company of, is also a CHAMP member.

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