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Migraine-Friendly Road Trip Snacks

As a nutrition coach, I support individuals by using food as a form of medicine to manage their health conditions, from migraines and autoimmune disease. What I've seen across the board is it's easier to implement dietary changes when you're in control of their food at home. However, when you're traveling - especially when on vacation - it adds another layer of complexity that if you're not factoring in, you will be setting yourself up for disaster.

Healthy migraine snacks

Let's change that! Check out these healthy options you can bring along that will support your health and enable you to also enjoy your travels. The majority of these suggestions are made based on the elimination of gluten and dairy. Avoiding nuts would also be a great idea if you’re sensitive to them. For me, nuts are some of my biggest triggers, so I steer clear. I am able to enjoy coconut, so that is included in the list.

Salty and crunchy

Fresh and crispy fruits and vegetables

  • Fruit – apples and berries are best as citrus fruits and bananas can be triggers.
  • Carrots and guac packs
  • Celery or bell peppers and hummus

Sweet and soft

Hardy and meaty snacks

  • Beef Jerky
  • Beef Sticks – I love Paleovalley beef sticks!

Stay hydrated while traveling

These are just a few of my go-to travel snacks. It’s an ever-evolving list because each time I travel I discover a new food. We have to switch things up to keep it interesting, right? Oh, and most of all stay well hydrated! Half your body weight in ounces of water every day – yes even if it means you have to use the tiny airplane bathroom or use the icky highway rest stop bathroom. That shows that your body is properly hydrated (super important for keeping migraines at bay!) and eliminating toxins through your urine. The key is simply to plan ahead. Without planning, we’re straight up setting ourselves up to fail.

What are your favorite roadie snacks?

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