Dear Migraine, ________ (fill in the blank)

We asked our Facebook community and you sure answered!

"Calling all migraine warriors! What's the one thing you would say to migraine?"

Dear Migraine, _______________________________

    • "You took smile, my freedom, my family, and my joy."
    • "I want my life back."
    • "That’s a loaded question LOL I don’t want to get banned from Facebook LOL"
    • "Thanks a lot for nothing."
    • "Enough already!! Do I have to move to a deep dark cave to escape you and all my triggers?"
    • "You were not invited. You were never invited. You have stayed too long. Get out! ➡️"
    • "🎼hit the road Jack and don't ya come back no more🎶😀"
    • "I can't say on a public forum 🤬"
    • "Why?! What on Earth is the point of you?!"
    • "Why do you ruin my life? Why are you so painful?"
    • "You may have me down, but you have NOT knocked me out."
    • "You have robbed me of good times, family get togethers, a career cut short and many dreams."

    Some of our favorites!

    • "I’m not going to let you control me. I’m going to do everything in my power for you not to bring me down. I now know what your triggers are so I’m going to take my meds before you decide to really hit me. I know there will be days when you’ll win but that’s ok. I’m still not giving up. I just want to tell you this.
      PS I really HATE YOU!!!"
    • "I accept you as a part of my life experience. I do not accept you as my total life experience. I thank you for the lessons you have taught me about taking care of myself. You and your other migraine-causing pals may win a battle occasionally, but you will not win the actual war you’ve forced me into. Please retire and leave me and everyone else alone. Forty-plus years is an admirable career and you can retire in peace. Your work here is done. 🙏"

You can find the full Facebook post here.

How about you? What would you say to migraine? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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