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Shades for Migraine: Join Us to Beat the Stigma!

In 2017, the Association of Migraine Disorders created Shades for Migraine as a way to generate a viral buzz around a disease that affects more than 1 billion people worldwide. The campaign not only provides the migraine community with a fun, easy way to bring positivity to a normally dark and dismal subject but it also strives to reach the general public to fight the stigma and misinformation that surrounds the disease.

How does Shades for Migraine work?

Shades for Migraine challenges everyone to “show they care and wear a pair” of sunglasses on Migraine Solidarity Day (June 21st). Participants spread the message through social media (Instagram and Twitter are the best) by sharing a picture of themselves wearing sunglasses, along with the hashtag #ShadesForMigraine, and challenging others to do the same.

Why sunglasses? It’s simple! Sunglasses are one of the few apparent indicators that someone may be dealing with a migraine attack. Sun and light sensitivity is a common trigger amongst people living with migraine, causing them to turn to their sunglasses for relief.

What is new for 2019?

For the third year in a row, we will be raising awareness in NYC, but to make the biggest impact on June 21, we are heading down a day early to let everyone in Times Square know about Shades for Migraine! We will have a camera crew taking video and conducting quick interviews with supporters and random people on the streets.

On June 21, we will take our annual trip to the TODAY Show to try to bring national attention to this disease. We hope to have dozens of people holding up signs for the cameras to bring the awareness into homes around the country.

Register for the events

There is power in numbers. We want to have a big group at both events to show support for people with migraine. If you are in the NYC area we’d love to see you there! It’s an easy and fun way to show your support.
Register here for the Times Square event and/or here for the TODAY Show event so we can bring you a t-shirt and a pair of shades.
*RSVPs made after June 5th are not guaranteed to receive a t-shirt.

Also, new this year is our How-To video to show how easy it is to help make migraine a viral topic!

What do you hope others will learn about migraine?

There are one billion people living with migraine around the world.

  • Migraine is a serious, often debilitating, neurological disease that affects many of the people in their lives.
  • Migraine is more than a headache and people are not faking illness.
  • It’s easy to show support for people with the disease.
  • Migraine not only impacts the person living with migraine but also their spouses, family, friends and employers.

What can people with migraine do the other 364 days of the year?

Right after Migraine Solidarity Day watch for the annual Shades for Migraine Photo Contest. Once Migraine Solidarity Day is over, the fun will continue as we encourage you to vote on your favorite photos that were posted for Shades for Migraine. Don’t forget to share your photo so you can get the most votes. The top ten photos with the most votes will receive a migraine care package including AxonOptics outdoor migraine therapeutic glasses, WeatherX ear plus Aculief wearable acupressure and PureWine wine filter wands.

Visit ShadesforMigraine.org/Partners to find resources on all things migraine, from education to advocacy and so much more!

Check out the Volunteer registry to see how you can help the participating organizations and the migraine community.

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