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Wear a Pair for Shades for Migraine 2020!

Shades for Migraine is a global interactive awareness campaign that creates a viral buzz around migraine disease by challenging people to “show they care and wear a pair” of sunglasses to show their support for people living with migraine.

What is the Shades for Migraine campaign?

Shades for Migraine uses sunglasses (specifically purple ones) as a symbol for migraine awareness and as a conversation starter, similar to the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.

Why sunglasses? It’s simple! Though migraine is an invisible disease, wearing sunglasses while indoors or at night is one of the few visible indicators that someone may be dealing with a migraine attack. Light sensitivity is a common trigger among people living with migraine, causing them to turn to their sunglasses for relief.

How do you take part?

The Shades for Migraine challenge

The challenge is the centerpiece of the Shades for Migraine campaign. The premise is that there is power in numbers and it is how we amplify migraine awareness to a global level.
Here’s how to take part:

  1. Wear your shades on or around June 21
  2. Take a photo
  3. Post the photo to social media with #ShadesForMigraine and challenge 3 others to take part too.

The challenge is an easy and fun way to be an advocate for migraine and the beauty of it is that the general public can get involved with minimal effort.

The annual Shades for Migraine photo contest

To keep the excitement going after June, everyone who posts their photo on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ShadesForMigraine between June 17 - July 8 will be automatically entered into the SFM photo contest. People with private profiles or those who posted on Facebook will need to manually upload their photo to the contest at Voting will begin on June 24, 2020. The top ten photos with the most votes are awarded some great migraine-friendly prizes. This year, the top prize pack is valued at more than $1000 and includes products from Allay Lamp, Avulux, PureWine, Zōk and many more!

If you take part in Shades for Migraine, don’t forget to share your photo so you can get the most votes. People can vote on an unlimited number of photos per day, but they can only give one vote per picture per day.

What is new for Shades for Migraine 2020?

The Shades for Migraine petition

After the amazing success Shades for Migraine has had in the last few years, it became apparent that the supporters of the campaign had the potential to effect more change by sharing a petition. The petition urges healthcare payors to provide better access to migraine and headache treatments. The petition is appropriate for people in all countries to amplify and benefit from. The petition can be signed at The petition has a goal to reach 50,000 signatures by December 31, 2020.

The Shades for Migraine promo kit

To make sharing as easy as possible for people who want to spread the word, we have curated Shades for Migraine graphics and resources into a promotion kit. The kit also includes sharable press releases, letters to the media, and more. Graphics are available in multiple languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Finnish and Hebrew! The kit can be accessed at

How can people get involved throughout the rest of the year?

Though the Shades for Migraine Challenge takes place in June, there are ways to stay involved all year round.


Last year, SFM received an abundance of migraine community members asking to volunteer for the campaign. While the campaign couldn't fulfill all those requests, there were other organizations in need of volunteers. This inspired the creation of a volunteer registry. Interested volunteers can sign up to be added to a database that is accessible by all 40+ Shades for Migraine partners. Volunteers fill out a quick form to share their background, skills, location, availability, etc. They are then added to the private database shared only with SFM partners. You can sign up to be added at

Find resources and tools

Just as you can help SFM partnering organizations, they can help you too! Visit the Shades for Migraine partner directory to learn more about the missions, focuses and resources of organizations and bloggers from around the world. They provide helpful resources and tools to help people manage and learn more about migraine and pain.

Other ways to get involved

More ways to get involved throughout the year:

Helpful links

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