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Superpowers of a Migraineur

When I think of all the things that migraine has taken from me over the years it’s easy to feel defeated. I’ve lost countless minutes of family time that I’ll never get back. I’ve missed deadlines at work, or just made them by the grace of God. I opted to stay in rather than go out and be social for fear that I would wind up having to cancel plans with friends.

My circle of friends has grown smaller and smaller, and my family has become as frustrated with migraine disease as I have grown to be. I know the picture I’ve painted thus far seems bleak and downhearted, but it has led me to really see what I’ve got inside me. I think of what all migraineurs have in common, and what powers drive us onward each day.

People with migraine are resilient

In a word, I think we are resilient. We are faced with all life throws at us every day and we manage to survive despite all that we deal with having migraine attacks. Each day presents us with new challenges. Maybe it’s a visit with our doctor or finding a new doctor. It could be a lunch date with an old friend or even a trip to the market for provisions. Some days it’s just getting out of bed. The fact is we get it done. We battle against migraine and move forward with our lives. I think we should commend ourselves and allow us to enjoy a daily win like going to the grocery store! We are resilient people. We are survivors each and every day. That is saying something for sure.

Standing strong with migraine pain

As migraineurs we know suffering. We know pain. Many of us cherish the days when this duo gives us a reprieve, but nonetheless, we move forward. I believe we have superhuman tolerance to pain. Anyone who has suffered through a multi-day long migraine spell is a champion over the pain. We have to be. Sure others depend on us even though we suffer with migraines, but I think each day we push onward we show our strength. Migraineurs suffer without sympathy or empathy many times, but that doesn’t keep us down. We stand strong when we feel defeated. If that isn’t a superpower I think it should be. We are learning how to stand together and how to be strong by supporting each other.

Migraine has given me superpowers to survive

We possess unique abilities because of migraine. Migraine makes us stronger, more compassionate, forgiving, and empathetic. We are special people forged by a silent disease that is for the most part not taken seriously by many people. Migraineurs are, in my opinion, optimists. We hold hope in high esteem. We perpetuate this hope and optimism each day. I have found a way of looking at what migraine has given me. I’m not a lesser or broken person because I have this disease. It does not define who I am, but it has shown me what I have deep down inside. It has given me the superpowers to survive day after day with attacks, and to spread hope and joy despite having this insidious disease.

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  • JackieNelson
    7 months ago

    Great article, I can really relate to everything you have said. I love how you call it a superpower, I guess I’ve never thought of it like that before but it accurately sums up the things that we consistently go through and deal with years on end. For me the hard part is to continue on doing daily tasks as if I don’t have a migraine – work, cooking, grocery shopping, dinner, driving, interacting with people etc.
    And it’s this very superpower that continues to give us hope.

  • Tom Picerno moderator author
    7 months ago

    @JackieNelson one of the hardest things I’ve had to reconcile in my life is allowing the proper time for self-care. As migraineurs, we get so tied up in trying to survive what life throws at us that we fail to honor ourselves and what our bodies are needing. It’s times like these when that superpower really has to kick in and give us the strength we need! I may have lost many things due to migraine disease, but hope is not one of them! Stay strong! Tom( team)

  • glo1
    8 months ago

    I don’t think migraines have made me stronger and more compassionate. I sympathize with people who have worst diseases. I know people with Parkinson’s. I see children on television without limbs yet my own suffering is beyond what I can really get indure . I am 80 now and have a migraines since I was 24. I would call it quits except that I have to take care of my dog whio would be desolate without me. No one would take care of her the way I would. I have thought many times I’ve taking us both out. I have a loving family and I was lucky to have a devoted husband Who would take me to the ER regularly for an injection of Demerol. Somehow
    I managed to maintain a business which required me to be active. Before the triptans I would vomit with my migraines. The new self injections, Aimovig does help but it’s a major project to go to the bathroom. the injections are very constipating. I might have to take 10 stool softeners every night plus different powders in liquid. I have discovered that high calorie sweet desserts are a problem. For example Rich cheesecake, whip cream, ice cream, creme of Brûlée’ . Of course any wine or chocolate is out of the question. I yern for “Oreios”, chocolate Hershey kisses,m&ms. The weather affects me, rain on the way, barometric pressure changes. I really hate taking opioids as they are very constipating. Somehow I have managed but I would be fine if I would die in my sleep. I’ve had enough.

  • Tom Picerno moderator author
    8 months ago

    @glo1 I’m so sorry to hear how you’ve struggled through life fighting migraine. It is a horrible disease that can just strip a person of everything that matters to them as well as changing us at our very core. I know it is hard to endure, but you are a resilient person! I pray that you find some additional relief with Aimovig. Ajovy and Emgality though seem to have milder side effects than Aimovig so that may be something worth talking to your doctor about. Tom( team)

  • 259nlv3
    8 months ago

    I have given up,had them for so long, sometimes it’s daily ,3-5 weekly. When the Aura comes , I just say ,ok let’s get this over with. My day ruined, bring on the pain, nausea .feeling crazy , can’t pull out words, can’t finish sentences,confusion, I take mymedicine ,Opiate, try to go one with my day, nightmare. I just think , “just kiil me , get it over with “, I just cannot fight them any more . I may have several grand children, cooking drinker for grown children& families , grass to mow, an acre veg garden to work, I am a busy person.Just pretend , go on, when alone collapse on sofa , depending on what horrible feelings the migraine has brought on. I Waite on bedtime, try an rest ,get upon am try to continue life as it comes . I stay at home,try not going anywhere except for church? Grocery store, routine Dr appointments. Thank you

  • Tom Picerno moderator author
    8 months ago

    I’m sorry to hear how you struggle through migraine episodes. I can totally relate to your life. Some days are better than others , but I still hold tight to hope. Thanks for sharing your story with the community. Wishing you migraine free days. Tom ( team)

  • glassmind
    8 months ago

    True true!

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