Symptom & Trigger Management Strategies: Essentials Reads

Symptom & Trigger Management Strategies: Essentials Reads

When you live with migraine, finding ways to effectively manage symptoms and triggers is extremely challenging. These articles and videos may help provide you with some useful tips and advice.

Scents, weathers, and lights

Practical strategies to avoid scent triggers
"While there aren’t many effective strategies to protect from scent triggers, there are a few you can try..." READ MORE

Triggered by Weather? This Medication May Help
"For those of us whose migraine disease is dramatically impacted by frequent, severe weather changes, this generally means a season of increased disability and weeks of illness. One medication, however, may be able to help..." READ MORE


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Magnesium for Weather-Triggered Migraine Attacks
"Even though taking magnesium didn’t seem to change my day-to-day migraine attacks, it made a big difference with the weather-triggered attacks..." VIEW VIDEO

Tools for Dealing with Light Sensitivity
"Light is one of my strongest migraine triggers and photophobia is a common symptom of mine. Over the years I’ve developed some tools and tricks and I thought I’d share..." VIEW VIDEO


Do you deal with light sensitivity?

Migraine brain, nausea, and elimination diets

Treating “migraine brain”
"Anyone who has ever experienced a migraine will tell you that it is nearly impossible to think clearly or communicate effectively during an attack..." READ MORE

What’s Your Secret: How Do You Handle Nausea?
"In this video, we discuss non-medication strategies for handling nausea and vomiting at home and on the go..." VIEW VIDEO

Migraine Elimination Diet: Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid
"The easiest way to follow this diet is to keep meals very simple. You’ll trade a few months of dietary boredom for lots of information about your own migraine triggers..." VIEW VIDEO


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