The Important Day YOU Completely Missed

Recently, patient advocate, JanetGeddis, otherwise known as, “The Migraine Girl”, wrote an article for the community about the important day she completely missed due to a vicious migraine. The question was then posed to you, the community, to share any experiences you’ve had where migraine completely changed your plans or altered your day. Your responses were so incredible, and ranged from missing weddings, funerals, children’s school functions, and so many other important events, that we wanted to capture some of your stories here. Clearly, you are not alone in your battle with migraine, and having plans completely altered due to circumstances out of your control. Many of you cited that you were “not sure it’s possible to narrow it down to just one”, and that there were “too many times to list”, however, we compiled some of your memorable stories below.

“I missed my best friend’s wedding due to a migraine. And yes, I was supposed to be in the wedding."

“I had to have my maid of honor drive me home from my rehearsal dinner the night before my wedding, leaving my husband and bridal party with my family from out of town. I still feel sad that I wasn’t able to be with my guests and enjoy the apparently delicious meal my in-laws graciously planned at a historic inn.”

Funerals, Deaths, and Births:
“I missed my own mother’s funeral. Yes, you read that right. MY OWN MOTHER’S! The guilt and anxiety of possibly not making it to the funeral just started the vicious cycle. You know it. The more anxious I became, the worse I felt…the worse I felt, the more anxious I became.”

“I was with my Mom all day as she lay comatose and near death, I had to leave to drive home as M. took vicious hold of me. My sisters left too and my mom passed alone a few hours later”

“The worst one hit during delivery of my youngest son. I didn’t get to hold him or even meet him for almost 24 hours.”

“During the birth of my son. I didn’t really get to meet him until he was a day old”

“I flew halfway across the United States on my dream whale watching trip and got a migraine in the middle of it and spent the day in the cabin throwing up instead. Everyone else was outside on the boat close to the whales”

“I was in Greece and went over to where the Olympics started and on the way via ferry, migraine hit and I was spewing, shaking, etc. really bad. I sat on a bench whilst family went round Olympia. Bad day.”

“I have missed whole vacations and had vacations cut short.”

Family and Personal Plans:
“Having to make my husband and daughter miss a Kennedy Center performance of a major musical…and we were on the Metro nearly there. I thought I could stick it out for my daughter’s sake—she was so excited—but the pain became unbearable. Bless them, they turned back with sympathy and understanding.”

“I missed my daughter’s induction in the National Junior Honor Society. She was so disappointed.”

“I decided to audition for a local community theater play and was cast in a few roles. The morning of our very last show, I woke up with a migraine. I tried sleeping it off but of course that didn’t help, so I went to the ER. There was no understudy, no one else knew the lines, I have no idea what they did to cover. Needless to say I was not invited to the cast party, nor was I invited to audition for anything else.”

“We were going to my hubbies great-grandmom’s bday party. We had the car packed and I had to run inside to the bathroom because I got sick. I wasn’t in any shape to go to the party.”

“I was all dressed and ready to go to Thanksgiving dinner at my mother-in-laws house. I was waiting for everyone else when I got hit hard with a migraine. I felt like I got hit in the head with a frying pan. I missed the whole day."

“This past Father’s Day, my husband went to dinner with his folks while I stayed in a dark room.”

“I had to have my mom come get me at the mall while I was shopping because I had such bad migraine I couldn’t see or walk”

As one community member put it, “We bear it, cope, occasionally must give in to it, then pick up the pieces and get back to our busy lives once more.” You are not alone in your battle, and having a strong support system, including our community, can help you rebuild from your missed day, and continue to move forward."

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