The Messy Wake of Destruction YOUR Migraine Can Leave Behind

Recently, patient expert Janet Geddis, otherwise known as “The Migraine Girl”, posted about her experience with the household destruction she finds after being out of commission with a longer-term migraine. The post prompted you in the community with the questions, “Have you ever felt so crappy that you don’t even care about the temporary physical destruction of your living space? Have you caught yourself knocking things over, leaving a total mess in your wake, and not being able to muster up any concern about it all because the migraine took up 100% of your attention?” Your responses were so incredible, and your personal stories were so insightful and relatable to others! Here were some of your contributions.

Surveying the Post-Migraine Damage
“Oh my gosh yes! The longer and worse the migraine, the less I care about the mess around me. Actually, I don’t even see it until my head clears. Then I wonder where it all came from!!”

“I usually alternate between the bed and the living room sofa—so both rooms take a hit. And the kitchen counter is covered with coffee cups, and water glasses, and crack/bread crumbs, not to mention mail”

“I’m forever looking at my house, and wondering just when did it get this bad. I could blame it on the husband and kids, but that would be unfair…It’s happened because the migraine destruction has come through, and left disaster in its wake”

When Family Gets Involved
“It’s awful when even my teenage twins don’t want to have friends over because I am almost always either having a migraine or recovering from one. Our house always looks like a tornado has gone through it. My husband is wonderful, and the three of them try. It’s just overwhelming to all of us”

“Do I ever relate to this. My bedroom shares a wall with my kitchen, so my family does no dishes at all while I’m down. In fact, they don’t even close the cabinet doors! Surveying the house after a multi-day migraine just makes me go lie down on the couch”

“Oh my gosh. Have been there. Many times. Went through a 3-month cycle where most days I couldn’t get out of bed. I have a spouse and daughter-in-law that tried to take care of the house and grandchildren, but when I would awake from my fuzzy brain, I would see all the things that didn’t get done and I’d cry. But I am learning that a house is just a house and stuff can wait. The heck with the little things. Concentrate on getting better”

The Impact Beyond the House
“My closet takes a hit during episodes of pain. Everything is on the floor no energy to hand it. I don’t wear makeup to work, I don’t brush my hair and I could care less about my appearance”

“I am coming out of two weeks of hell. My house is a mess, my hair needs washed and I have work to catch up on. Doing my best not to totally lose it. It helps knowing I am not alone”

“One day, I had an epic migraine at work, a co-worker said, ‘oh, no makeup today?’ I said to her, ‘DON’T POKE THE BEAR!’ Nothing else matters”

It’s clear from your stories that you are not alone. Many of you experience frustration and confusion with the post-migraine damage to your home, yourself, and your work. Let us know how you handle picking the pieces back up after an unrelenting migraine!

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