The Migraine Cave

The Migraine Cave

Anybody who has had migraine much less chronic migraine can generally explain the benefits of a migraine cave to anybody who seems a little lost on the subject. The migraine cave helps those of us with migraine deal with some of our symptoms and deflects some of the excruciating pain.


Again, everybody experiences different symptoms with a migraine. Many individuals suffer drastically from the sensitivity to sound, the sensitivity to light, and the sensitivity to smells. The migraine cave works in a way to limit the exposure to these elements in a hope to reduce the additional pain of the individual with the migraine.

The cave

For most individuals with migraine, their migraine cave is limited to one room or area of their home. Some use their bedroom as their cave location, while others have turned their basements into Dracula’s dream hang out. Here in the South, we do not have basements! While the migraine cave can help when an individual has a migraine, it can quickly lead to some other areas of concern that are commonly brought up for individuals with migraine, such as being withdrawn from others and simply not knowing what is going on in the rest of the house because they are confined to the safety of their cave.

My migraine cave – the house

For a long time, my husband was working out of town and out of the country, for various periods of time. This meant I could not simply hide in our bedroom when I could not take the sunlight through the blinds or things along those lines. With him gone for work, there were simply things I had to be able to do in order to maintain our household, even if I felt badly. But never short of ideas, my husband was determined to figure out a way for me to move around the entire house in less agony, especially since I have a migraine more days than not. He found squared edge insulating sheathing at the Lowe’s hardware store, which is insulation that looked a lot like funny panels of sheet rock. Nonetheless he proceeded to cover every window with this insulation except for one kitchen window and the one little mini window on the door that has a blind on it anyhow. This gave me more freedom to move around the house without feeling like I was being overwhelmed by lights. Since the dogs were my only company, they did not have much say in what we watched on the television or how loud it would be turned up. My husband essentially turned our entire house into a migraine safe cave for me. This allows me to get laundry done, or make it through a load of dishes, or whatever may be necessary housework wise, especially if he is not home. I can promise you, my dogs ate whatever little fairy magically comes by and randomly cleans and such for your household.


Obviously it is not necessary for an individual with migraine to have their entire house turned into a migraine cave, but it is beyond helpful to have a safe space within the house where the individual with migraine can escape some of their symptoms. While you may see it as us trying to be withdrawn, we are really simply trying to escape any additional pains that may be associated with our migraine. For many of us, these additional pains include lights, sounds, and smells. Even if they are on a level they seem hardly noticeable to you, for the individual with a migraine, they are way more extreme.

Do you have a migraine cave at home? Do you love it or hate it?

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