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3 Reasons Migraines Aren't The Boss Of Me

“You’re not the boss of me,” I told my migraines when they first started. Then I realized they kinda were.

My migraines began in my early thirties, and I’d hoped I could stave off them off the way I’d done with a bad headache: a little extra caffeine, more rest, and two advil—not so much. This did nothing to tame the monster that was my migraine. I began to sink into a world of frustration because it seemed my migraines were definitely the boss of me.

Looking for solutions to cope with migraine

While I was looking for solutions to help relieve my pain, I started viewing my migraines as an unwanted villain. They were a constant looming presence waiting to rob my body of it’s greatest wealth—it’s vitality. This frustration with my head began seeping into my daily life.

Once I felt this tension creeping into my daily routine and my relationships, I decided I needed to take action. If I couldn’t be the boss of my villainous migraines, then maybe I could be the boss of my attitude towards them. I looked for ways to have a healthier more fun outlook so that my migraines didn't get to totally boss me around. Here are some of them.

I'm more outgoing now

Generally a shy person, I’d make my dogs hold a conversation for me if they could. I'm better able to speak up for myself at doctor’s appointments, in other migraine related situations, and just in general. Now, I'm more comfortable asking for what I need in order to forward my healing process.

I’m more patient

In order to let go of my frustration with my migraines, I learned to be more patient with my whimsical head. Having more of this emotion at any given time is always helpful, but it has definitely served me well as the parent of a small child—and when picking out Play-Doh from the shag carpet.

Listening to my body

My body and I are close—very close. These days, I pay attention to the advice my body gives me more than I tune into the guidance my mom imparts. (Please don’t tell her I said that.) Listening to how my body is feeling is a good way to assess when a migraine attack might on the way.  When I’m able to slow down and truly hear what my body tells me, I can sometimes stop a migraine in its tracks. My body is speaking to me all the time, and I’m much better at tuning in and hearing what she needs. This way my migraines don't ever get to be the boss of me...

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