Gretchen’s Top 10 Gifts That Show You Understand Migraine

Back by popular demand is my 2018 top 10 list of gift ideas for those of us that deal with migraines! Now some of these may be repeats as they are so awesome, that I want everyone to make sure they get them on their wish list for the holidays!!

A few tips when shopping for those of us with migraine

  1. We have fragrance sensitivities!
  2. We have food sensitivities!
  3. We have light sensitivities!
  4. We DO like to have fun when we can!

Never be afraid to ask us about our triggers and limitations, it only makes us feel good that someone is taking the time to care about us! Now on with the list!

Complementary therapies for migraine

Migraine Ice Hat: There are several of these out on the market now. I have the original IceKap. But there are some that may work better than others.

Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Capability: OK! Darkened rooms are our friends! We cannot always create a completely dark room, so what is the best way? A sleep mask that will do it for you! Not only that, you can use the Bluetooth to stream relaxation music to help you relax and calm the migraine!

Essential Oil Diffuser: (WARNING!! SMELLS) There are several oils and oil blends out there that have been created for migraine relief. HeadEASE is one of them. There are also boxes that have PainAway, HeadEase, and some others that work well with migraine. For me, I can handle essential oils if the diffuse is not right next to me and I do get benefit from them!

Weighted Blanket: Now I am one that runs on the hot side, and not sure how I would do with a weighted blanket, but from what I hear… They are like being wrapped in a hug!! They help to calm anxiety, ease pain, and release the happy juices in our brain! IF your person with migraine is like me and runs hot, then I suggest just a soft comfy chenille, or fleece blanket.

Tinted sunglasses: Sensitivity to light is a very common issue for those of us that suffer from migraine, however, wearing regular sunglasses all the time can actually cause our eyes to become even more light sensitive. What we need are tinted glasses that get rid of the red and blue tints of the spectrum and cut the light from the sun and fluorescent lighting. There are many on the market today. Theraspecs, Axonoptics, even have them!

Services to help with household chores

House Cleaning Service: For those of us who deal with migraine… Life STOPS! We feel guilty about that, but there is not a lot we can do about that. Giving the gift of a cleaning service once or twice a month would be a wonderful way to help with the really hard stuff we may have left due to migraine!

Grocery Delivery: Most areas now have some form of grocery delivery service. For us, it is Shipt and Instacart. Saves the person time and energy, especially if they are unable to go anywhere…. Just order of the app from their smartphone or computer and presto! Their food will be delivered to them, sometimes they even help put it away!

Meals: For those really bad times or for that friend with chronic migraine (Has one at least 15 or more times a month). Meals already prepared is a great way to show you care! OR even a meal delivery service like HomeChef, Plated, HelloFresh, or SunBasket. With a wide variety of dietary needs and menu options your loved one can choose their meals to avoid triggers while still having food for the whole family. All that needs to be done is to cook it up!

Showing you understand a little, and care a lot

Fun Stuff: We still like to have fun! We may just not always make it to every event or are able to go on the biggest scariest roller coaster in the world anymore! But we still love to laugh and have fun and enjoy life when we can. But sometimes we need to have help remembering that! We also need understanding people around that know our limitations.

  • Girls day out (not all day)
  • Mani/Pedi (might need a mask for the fumes)
  • Tickets  to the theater (along with earplugs)
  • Gift card to restaurant (make sure we have lots of choices)
  • Coloring Books, colored pencils, going to beach
  • PJ party and Netflix!

The list can be endless, IF you understand your loved one!

Understanding and YOU: The best gift you can give to us is to understand even a little what we are going through. If you are not really sure, ask!! Get a book about migraine! Read Migraine.Com! Give the gift of understanding that we WANT to make all those family functions or invitations out, but sometimes we CAN’T… Don’t STOP asking us! Just understand that when we say "No" it really makes us feel badly as well and we really want to be there, but our body is the enemy at that point and it has us captive!

Give us YOU! Your time! Even if it's just to come over and sit and rub our head or make us a cup of hot tea or just sit with us. Maybe it is to ask to take the kids for a while, to allow us a guilt-free time to rest. The greatest gift you can give us is just hanging out with us and letting us know that you are there!

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