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My Ubrelvy Experience

Let me begin by saying this is a very exciting time for migraineurs with regard to new treatment options being available. I am happy to report that I have benefitted from these new treatment options. The newest addition to my arsenal of migraine therapies is a drug called Ubrelvy

It is a drug that is taken as an abortive. This means you have to take it at the onset of a migraine which for many of us can be tricky sometimes as you have to make that big decision of whether to use the drug or wait and see if you feel the attack will be bad enough to warrant taking it. I worry if my abortives will be able to last the entire month so for me it’s a big deal to make that decision. I am fortunate because I have more than one abortive in my toolbox to use against an attack.

Combining Ubrelvy with other treatments

In my experience, an attack where I feel like it will exceed seven or eight on the pain scale is when I reach for my abortives. Ubrelvy has proven to work well for me each time I’ve taken it. If the headache persists I can take a second dose of the medication at the two-hour mark. I frequently will combine an abortive medication with a non-drug therapy such as biofeedback techniques or Nerivio to further enhance the benefit of Ubrelvy.

I always make sure I document my attacks and what I found was helpful during the attack. I may need to do this after the attack has calmed down as doing it during an attack may not be a good option. I can then take my documentation to my next doctor visit to allow them to see how migraine has affected my life and what I’ve done to help during an attack.

Ubrelvy savings and payment assistance programs

As with all medications, there is the cost incurred and that depends on what your insurance carrier will allow. Many of these new medications are not going to be covered by your insurance, or they will cover them but limit the amount you may receive in a month. For me, Ubrelvy was not covered and came to a total of $970.00 for a month's supply of ten pills. This was a price I could never afford!

Thankfully many of the drug companies have coupons or other savings and payment assistance programs in place to help us get past the sticker shock of the medications we are trying to get. Ubrelvy had such a program and it brought the cost of the medication down to $10.00 for the month supply of ten pills. Now, this was something I could afford, but being a chronic migraineur I am still uneasy about knowing I only had medications for ten attacks.

Talk to your doctor to see what migraine treatments are best for you

I will say that overall in my experience Ubrelvy is a good drug for my attacks. I have not had an attack yet that required taking a second dose of the medication. I am also able to continue taking advantage of the payment assistance program which means I can get my prescription filled each month for just ten dollars. If you have an opportunity to discuss adding this drug to your migraine toolbox I recommend speaking with your doctor at your next appointment. Until next time stay strong and never stop fighting this disease!

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