"I Describe My Migraine...."

Just as no two people living with migraine are the same, no two people describe their migraine the same! We asked our Migraine.com community and on Facebook to complete this sentence, "I describe my migraine..."

Here are your summarized responses:

  • "A glass grenade in suspended animation of explosion inside my head hijacking my body and life."
  • "A pain that will almost destroy you."
  • "Like a railroad spike driven into my left temple, that travels to behind my left eye, then left ear. And if haven't taken my triptan, goes to entire head."
  • "A vice grip on the outside of my head & a cannon ready to explode on the inside."
  • "Like my brain is doing its best Chernobyl impression."
  • "Half my life; all the time."
  • "Heavy, hot, twisting, mind numbing, shattering, major painful monsters."
  • "Atomic bomb"
  • "Pure hell"
  • "Pain that robs me from living a happy life."
  • "Black hole of pain that starts out as an inconspicuous worm burying itself deep into my brain destroying time, sanity and joy."
  • "50 years of spikes in my eye and face."
  • "Like putting my head in the biggest bunch of stinging nettles. Taken out and then put on a cheese grater leaving me with days and days of exhaustion."
  • "Life sucking monster."
  • "Like torture that doesn't quite kill you but sometimes you wish it would."
  • "Burning lava."
  • "Demon pixie fairies with icepicks."

Can you relate to any of these descriptions? How would you describe yours?  Let's keep the conversation going & share in the comments below!

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